I will repair VESCs for free (free queue FULL) (ENDED)

Hello all, I promise this isn’t click bait. I’ve been a board level technician for iPhone’s, Samsung devices, and Macbooks for about two years now. After looking at the schematics for the VESC it looks a whole lot simpler than what I normally work on. I’m considering getting into repairing these boards, but I would like to make sure I have a solid understanding and happy customers before I start asking for money. That being said, I will be offering several free repairs on VESCs over the next couple of weeks. How it will work, so I’m not losing money in the process is you will pay for shipping both ways and whatever parts are required for the repair will be paid for by you as well, so basically you won’t be charged for any labor. If you’re interested just reply below and I will PM you. I am located in Florida.

Here are a few pictures of my equipment and a backlight repair on an iPhone 6 Plus


Sounds like @longhairedboy has found a partner for electric repair. IDK if you know him already, he probably has a bunch you can work on.


He lives in Florida.

I have a very similar binocular (Olympus, right ?). Where have you bought your LED ring ?


Perhaps you could just drop by and pick up my box of dead vescs and eswitches.


PM sent…

Damn those JBC stuff… its like 5k worth on table :smiley:

I live in orlando and have a broken VESC

I’m in Jacksonville/Orlando (depends on time of year) and I have a broken vesc for you.

I sent you a PM…

Thanks for the kind contribution. I will ride my board hard ASAP. I just blew the same FocBox a second time (repaired once) running FOC, it was either a faulty vesc or something with the motor as I have exact same settings in both using split ppm

I do not know him, but I’ll definitely have to get in contact :+1:

This one is an AmScope SM-4TZ-144A I believe. The LED ring came with the scope, but you can probably find one on amazon. The AmScope ones seem pretty universal.

I’m in Melbourne Beach. How far is that from you?

Yeah MSRP would put it all at about that amount, but you can do some negotiating with them. They let you demo it for a month, so if you decline the sale they are left with used gear. That makes it a bit easier to get the price down.

I’ll be moving there in January. In the mean time you could send it to me.

I would definitely like to take a look at a FocBox. I’m currently in the process of building my own board and am looking into those. I just want to make sure I order the right stuff so I don’t have to upgrade it right away.

1 hour 36 minutes according to google maps. Depending on what’s going on, driving may be more convenient than using the postal service. I’m in the Orlando area.

I have a few VESC-Xs too, which are very very similar. And also focboxes, 4.12s, vedder switches, some BMSs…

Yeah definitely. If you want to bring them over sometime I’ll see what I can do.

As a general message to everyone who PM’d me or is considering it, I can’t reasonably have you all ship at the same time and make you wait weeks for me to get around to it. I’m currently a full time student and will be doing this in my spare time. If you urgently need your VESC back, this is not the service for you.