I'm having trouble with my BRAND NEW OLLIN VESC!

HELP! I just received my @chaka VESC about a week ago and it is not functioning properly. I hooked it up to a 4s 5000mah 20c Zippy LiPo and my motor, and set it up according to the Esk8 Support VESC tutorials. As soon I was done programming however and did a bench test, the VESC no longer connected to my laptop or the BLDC Tool. I tried all different USB ports, as well as deleted and re-installed the tool to no avail. I thought to myself that this was fine because it still functioned just without that capability. I jury rigged everything to my board for a first ride in the basement which was awesome. I duct taped everything on and it worked wonderfully. Today though, when I was going to do the same thing again, the VESC refused to even function as it had just two days ago when it was attached to my 8s battery of two 4s batteries in series. Instead, it gives me the blue light but instead of three flashing red lights then a solid blue, it just blinks red. I believe this indicates an error which sucks as I had’t done anything to induce it! The weird thing is though, when I connect it to just one of the 4s batteries it functions perfectly… It still does not connect to the BLDC tool though so I can’t search for faults in the terminal :cry:. I made a video of my problem Here. Any help would greatly be appreciated because I am pretty upset that this is happening as I haven’t done anything to make this happen as far as I know.

Set your max voltage to 57V

Sorry i didnt read (tldr) just watched the video

I believe it is set to 57…

please post screen shoot of your setting…

I can’t because my VESC can’t connect to the bldc tool. Did you read the post? :confused:

Really strange that you connected once to the bldc tool and it doesn’t work anymore. Are you able to inspect the usb port for any broken pads or physical damage?

did you try to connect it with only the 4s…

Yes, that did’t work either. This is without the VESC connected but it is the exact same screen as when it is connected. It never switched to “USB modem 301” or whatever it is supposed to say, it just stays as bluetooth etc.

That’s the weird thing… the entire VESC looks in perfect condition. I would really like to hear @chaka’s opinion on this issue as it is his product.

there is no value on this one… better contact Ollin Co. ( best way is probably their web site)

I just sent a message on their contact page.

It sounds like you set your voltages to improper values. If you leave the vesc connected to a power source that is in conflict with the set values you can corrupt the firmware. Send it in and we can reflash it and get you rolling. Might also be best to use this downtime to build an enclosure too. :grin:

I think as long as the motor runs with 4S it should be possible to get a connection with the PC.

Hah! I agree about the enclosure. I have been speaking to one of your customer service people about this same issue and they were saying pretty much the same thing. However, I still am failing to see why the USB port is no longer functioning??

I would agree but for some reason it doesn’t want to connect, even when I try using the 4s battery to connect to the PC.

If the firmware has been corrupted it will not connect to the bldc tool. That slow spool-up in the video is also telling me something is wrong with your settings. It should spin up to max rpm much faster than that.

Ok, the customer service person I am talking to from your company says that I just need to send it in and you guys will re-flash the firmware free of charge which is awesome. Is there anyway you could set it up for me to avoid any other future problems? I know I am asking a lot but I don’t want to mess it up again. I would give you my motor and battery specs of course if you decided you could do that for me.

We can run through the setup process once you get it back. Send us an email with your contact info when you are ready and I will help you out. It is best if you can tune the VESC yourself.

Sweet, I will try to get it out to you Monday since I don’t have school! So I would just send a message on your contact page saying my e-mail and name and what else would you need?

We can run through motor detection over the phone. Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.