Imax B6 Charging Tutorial?

3.8 is high for low voltage cutoff, just don’t go below 3.2 v and youll be ok ( would recmmmeond a bit higher than 3.2 though) and yes 22.2 is the 3 cells added up. And to see if it’s charged check the voltages , they should all be 4.2v in each cell

Ok I just checked and they are all at 3.77 , up from 3.74. It only charged for 5 minutes and then just stopped (imax was still powered up, just at the main menu).

So I’m not sure what the dillio is… is it my charger? It’s a 12w/3a…or did I put it on the wrong more/wrong settings?

Do you have it set at 3s lipo battery?

Well I’m charging two 3s together in series. I’m also charging through the balance ports only (see above, I got the method from @lowGuido )

I’ve never charged using that method so can’t really help you there, you’ll probably have to ask @lowGuido then

Ok well, I tried charging again but this time put it on LiPo Charge mode and now it’s continuing… before I had it on LiPo Balance - not sure what the difference is.

I would recommend using balance other wise it’s just charging til one reaches 4.2v balance makes sure all the cells are the same voltage and you want them to be the same voltage

True. Ok well, guess it doesnt matter becuase it just stopped again!! Wtf. It’s a legit imax b6 also. There must be some setting on here that I’m not aware of. Or it’s something with my power supply. Anyone know if I should reduce the Amps it charges at, maybe drop it to 1 or 2?

Ok so, it seems that I can get the charger to go longer if I dial down the amperage. Setting it to 2A allowed the charger to go a lot longer but it still turned off. The power supply was pretty hot also…

I’m trying again at 1A. Will this be a problem (aside from slow charge) or degrade the batteries?

At 1 Amp now going strong (yet slow). Packs are balance charging slowly with no shut down and the power supply isn’t hot. I just hope that this doesn’t damage the batteries or degrade them in any way, charging slow.

What size batteries mAh are you charging on the b6?

2x 3s in series 5000mah 20-30C discharge

I think i’m using the basic batteries that most people start out with on here. The Hobby King ones.

The charger has been going ever since i dropped the amps on the iMax B6. slowly charging them up. All of the cells are at 4.14 now

Check out see if you can’t find a used charger and power supply setup above 500w. For under $100 you can significantly increase your charging speed.:slightly_smiling_face:. I have a 50w HK charger and I couldn’t imagine charging a monster battery with it.

Ok well the charger stopped at 4.17 for all cells. I restarted the cycle and they all went up to 4.19/4.2 and they all just kind of hovered around that , each going up and down 0.01 so I just stopped it. Shouldn’t the charger stop when they are all 4.2? I think my power supply could be an issue…

4.2 is Max. The cells are individually different. 4.19 is good. It slows down when they are close to full.

I think you need a better power supply. I assume that the voltage is sagging and making the charger stop.

Thanks guys. I think I need to buy one of these 12v 5a chargers or find one at a thriftstore but as long as my batteries are ok for now then I’m fine with that.

How hot does your charger get? I have the same one and mine gets really hot when charging 6s, is that normal?

is that why my B6 takes like 8 hours to charge a damn 3S zippy?

i’m kind of hating that thing right now. I have a pack i keep in my kid’s power wheels hummer and charging it is dumb. I need a better zippy lipo charger.

That doesn’t sound right. I set m charger to 1amp and charged the 6S (two 3s in series) in 2 hours (from 3.7 to 4.2).

@TeslaAlex My charger itself doesn’t get that hot, it’s the power supply adapter that gets really hot.