Imax B6 trouble

yes i think haha

Notice how that Fork Is inside the balance port. It is charging cell 1 by itself. (at a low amperage the wires cant handle a lot.)

is that not good? what if they’re not even

Its safe because if you chose the wrong cell, the Imax b6 clone will read the voltage 4.2 wrong one switch 4.1 that’s the one then Imax b6 charge that one alone.

Well if its takes to long and i get frustrated with the length I will do that thanks

Actually even the very best of chargers work that way also. I have a 1344W Powerlab 8 and a 350W icharger 208b that work that way. The pl8 can charge through the balance leads but only for small packs. One of the differences between cheap small chargers and the big boys is in how much current they can discharge through the balance leads.

Will this method work if I have a 5s battery with 1 cell dead. Reason I know it’s dead because my charger detects it as a 4s now and won’t charge anymore. Trying to find a way to fix that one dead cell

It might work. Set your charger to nimh or nicd and use a very low charging current until the dead cell goes over 3.3v. Then switch back to Lipo mode to continue charging. Do not exceed 1A charging through the balance wires otherwise you risk overheating and damaging them.

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I used the imax b6 till they said it was fully charged then when I used my voltage tester there was a range of 4.17-4.21v

Fake charger can have bad readings I think you can try calibrate it tho lemme check.

Generally with a decent quality pack in good condition once the cells are balanced they should stay that way when discharging thus requiring minimal balancing when charging. If you have a pack though that is not so good (e.g. big variances in IR between cells ) then you will find out that it takes a lot more time to balance charge it.

My pack came and discharged with small difernces

OK so Imaxb6 clone says its 4.2 but voltage checker says otherwise right?

yes 10char

0.04V difference is not that much especially for a cheap charger.

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Will it effect the life span and range i get?

I need to keep these LiPos for a year. next year I will be making a big Li-On pack

No not really as long as it stays that way. If you want to increase the life of you packs avoid charging them above 4.1V and discharging them below 30% . However may I suggest the purchase of a good powerful charger in the future as it is an equipment that will make your life easier, charge faster and last you for decades.

30% is what 3.6v?

1+ I’ve read studies that said going from 4.2 to 4.1 can almost double your Lithium cell life (It was probably done with Li-ons but It still should help Lipos. But be careful with the cutoff voltage because cells can drift off quickly near the end.