[Inactive] Vesc android/iOS app

Hi buy after a lot of project coming to and end, I have low started again on my vesc bldc tool app for iOS and android, where I go stuck was Bluetooth connectivity, but Iv fixed this. It now onto testing on different devices and then finishing the UI and back end.

Features: Real time data and screen capture Programming Firmware update

Non of this is free and some times I have to buy hardware and contract some one to assist. So if any one has a kind heart you can make a donation on my website while downloading bldc tool for Windows or OSX


That’s simply brilliant ! This is what folks have been waiting for ! How does the BT connection work on the VESC side ? When will you be far enough with the code to allow us to test ?

Excellent! Will use this on my next build! Thanks @jacobbloy for the work you have done for the community!

I will select a few to start testing. Bluetooth will work via spi I have it working with a similar setup as the nrf chip that is used for the wii nunchuck.

Congrats Jacob!

It’s great to have you around in the community.

Great work you have done there. Thank you for all your work you have done to bring the VESCs to a wider number of user, with making the programming etc. easier for everyone.

Would you also share the source of the App for us who would compile there own application and maybe also implement some enhancements when they have time for?

Are you using a Wlan-module (like ESP 8266) or a bluetooth module to communicate to the VESC? BT4.0 would be needed for iOS when using bluetooth. (like the HM-10)

Bluetooth 4.0, hm10 is only one of the chips you can use. Iv been using spi not uart at the moment.

And yes the UI for my app as been on GitHub for some time and I will keep it as open as possible

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Mhh, you are sure using SPI? When I see it correct the HM-10 doesn’t have SPI, just TX/RX (Uart). But good to know that it is open source. When I am right there is the source of Jacob: https://github.com/jacobbloy/BLDCAPP

This is really interesting topic that I would like to learn more on so I could use my phone SGN5 to control my board. Any links that you can post so I can read up more? Thanks in advance.

For the ios app, will we require a JB or it will be on the app store?

Your correct, I havnt been using hm10 Iv been using nrf51822 because it is multi protocol.

Yes it will be on the App Store


Looking good! Do you have any list of hardware that one should get before you launch your app to the public?

I’m trying to make it support as many ble modules as possible but we will soon see!

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Ok I have the BLE side of my iPhone and android app working as smooth as I feel that I can get it.

I need some pple to test and help debug the app with me! I need members who are experienced with updating firmware, and changing settings and that can easily discrible faults. For iOS users I need your UDID to deploy the app to your phone, I need this via privet msg, if you don’t know how to get your UDID with out Google then please don’t reply to this.

For android users I can just send you the .apk

You will have to buy a HM-10 preferable genuine module. I have been using http://www.tinyosshop.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=705 And they have lost of distributors you can get them locally.

You will need to plug the module in using default settings via the uart port on the vesc and set your vesc BAUD rate to 9600. If you do not know how to do this with out asking please don’t reply.

So this excludes all Nunchuck users I guess ? I was hoping it would be a usb-bluetooth solution.

if you have a twin vesc set up then you can have both the ble and nunchuk

Yeah but can you get data from both ?

Can you send me the .apk for Android. I will PM you my email.

I’ll put my hand up for this. sounds like fun.