Indoor Skatepark Race - How it can be done?

Is 7,000sq ft indoor skate park big enough to race in?

What do you see as limitations?

What kind of track design?

How may people would be a max in a race?

Would longboards be able to make it?

Talk to me

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shortboards, really carvey beasts, slides, etc. would be awesome on a circle 8 (or some other overlapping shape) track.

what if we made deck size max rule?

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Another alernative to deck size rule would be to put down a few cones to test the minimum steering radius required and if the board passes its fine

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I think a max of 33in is probably a good rule. Anything over 33in is not gonna make tight enough carves or be very easy to slide anyways.

You could also do heats, where you match 4 people at a time, the winners moves up the bracket to be matched in a group of 4 again, until eventually you have a last race of 4 people and that winner is the overall winner.

Tack design will be tough. Just off the top of my head, I would suggest a figure 8 with tight curves to limit top speed and really test a riders carving and sliding skill.

Lol don’t want a bunch of FabBoard clones showing up hahah


Rule numero uno -> no fabBoard clones :laughing:


Release the Spuds!!


Wheelbase, truck/track width & bushing height (lean) on a skate truck dictate turn radius. Not deck length.

If you’ll don’t want to race against Moe you should just say so…


Wheel base is related to deck length tho…

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No it is not!

Why do I have 31-40 inch decks all with the same wheel base? :thinking:

you cant fit a 30inch wheelbase on a 29inch deck. Unless i miss understood what wheelbase is.

The place where the holes are drill are the dictating factor but generally the longer the board the longer the wheel base

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I feel like you’re discriminating against my 48" deck and it’s super horrible turning ability.

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Let me be clear here, I do not want to race against Moe :grin:.

Aside from that, it’s kind of like the rule about truck with. You don’t need y trucks to make a stable board but you can make it stable board much more easy with wide trucks.

I think the same applies to cars and slides, it’s easier to do on a shorter board.


Feel your pain my friend my board turns like a mack truck.

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Here’s an idea. Find a compliant indoor go kart enterprise. You can hire these places out usually and only use the parts of the track that suit.

Back in the day I organised a pit bike race at a local kart track for all my silly mates but no one made it round the first corner. Still a lot of fun though.

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Humm … this indoor challenges me… now let think about the surface…skatepark or race track…

@RunPlayBack do you have some feedback as to the riding conditions when you had your event? Was it too slick? Was the course to short? Too tight?

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Wanna slide a big ass car? Hold my :beer: or my :bear:

And who the hell doesn’t wanna race Moe! Even if that is asking to be left behind in the dust lol


I have drifted in a big ass car, a 77 Lincoln Mark VII…i gotta tell you its like jumping off a cliff and waiting for thend because there is no control to be had.

I mean, I would race him, just don’t make any bets on my lane :slight_smile:


What kind of skatepark surface are we talking about here concrete? What about what they use on schools tracks?