Inline wheels bonded together

Question: Why not get 2 or perhaps 3 (depending on how wide they are) 80-100mm (depending on your preference) inline skate wheels and bond them together to make one longboard wheel? It would be much cheaper than buying ABEC11’s and there’s more choice. Perfect alignment can be achieved through placing them on an axle while bonding…

Why is this a bad idea? :slight_smile:

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Someone already done this! He even made a hubmotor inside of these wheels!

He attached 3 wheels together to make one wheel.

I will search and post his log. I think he called himself mr rocket man. He did most things himself, even controller was handmade.

Sweet! Yeah I’d love to see it, thanks!


Oh wow! Thanks. I think I’m going to try this but have a sprocket and chain drive like my existing DIY build…!

Yep, you got the correct one!

Will post a pic on how it looks, so that others dont have to open the link to see:


@darkkevind it’s a good idea, and clearly possible. The challenge I foresee is (if you don’t wan to develop your own hub-motor system) you’d need to mount pulleys onto the wheels, and there are no mounting systems that I’m aware of for this purpose; you’d have to figure that out.

Also, There might be some contact patch issues with the three-wheel grouping.

It’s ok, I’ve already fabricated my own sprocket & mount for my board so I’ve no problem with coming up with something for the inline wheels… but good to know that it wasn’t just a stupid idea that someone had already tried before and failed.

I have just mounted 4 wheels to my board 100mm to try, only done 500 m or so (because of bad weather) but so far it works ok. Think the speed will be faster as i had 78mm before. But I will feel more safe to have some Flywheel clones or something on. We will se how it goes =)

Excellent! Do you have any photos?

yep might have time to put some up tomorrow. My phone is broken, so I dont have any atm.

Awesome! Thats’s great :slight_smile:

Wait! Are there 100mm flywheels (actual board wheels) or inline skate/scooter wheels side by side?

just inline/scooter wheel, and only 1, not 2 side by side.

I see, cool. How wide are they? I’ve got 70 x 50mm on my board at the moment, are they a lot thinner?

Yes, 21 mm i think. so I dont have much road “grip” =)

Ouch! Hmm I’m going to mount two side by side then, at least that’s 42mm :slight_smile:

Where did you buy yours?

ebay or Aliexpress, cant rember. around 12 USD with shipping to Denmark =) 4 wheels

OK thanks. Yeah I’ve been looking on AliExpress a lot! Can’t find any under 85A though so I might have to harden up! lol

=) , Will try to post picture tomorrow.

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That’s pretty cool. I wonder if it had significantly more wear due to the lower contact patch.

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