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Without sensors they are.


I think you have to coat the stator and regularly service bearings as well as rinse the motor off after using in salt water .


Coating the stator isn’t required but it can help. The bearings are the huge problem. They will wear out in water, and they will probably wear out ten (or more) times as fast in salty water.


this is why the motor gets a bath in corrosionX right after so I heard, from the people who used 80100 motors in salt water.

I feel like the solution for us could maybe be putting the motor inside the board and somehow transfering the torque down the mast. Then you can have the motor be dry most of the time and use the appropriate bearings for on the mast that will be in the water. This could also let use use say, two 6374 motors and vesc6 instead of one 65120 motor and 75/300.


Obviously :joy::joy::joy: haha I’m just saying they will run fine… in water, without sensors… til they don’t.

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I agree that water shouldn’t affect the electrical operation much or at all. (Except for the sensors…) The winding resistance is far lower than even that of brine. I’d imagine it would work just fine and I’ve personally operated them briefly underwater.


I tested in a flash flood the other week… that was a hoot. Highly recommend the adventure if your machine is capable of doing it safely… motors may work in water… batteries and go brains are a different story.


Those are rad sets of halo board or e-skateboards you have there! There are plenty other sites to offer you the best motors for that nice item of yours! Thank goodness for this forum, concerns like that are being catered. Way to go!


Anyone here tried an electric unicycle? These things look like either loads of fun or serious personal injury. After more than 10 years in the Rc aircraft hobby, I’m just not sure if I’d trust my body to a MEMS gyro or even several of them. Sometimes gyros spaz out and fail. Its rare but it does happen.