Iron Man Themed/Red CF Deck/Motor mount/Enclosure

Always,I find more fans for Marvel characters than DC :pensive: since I have been working with only DC Characters at work, Why? Because they are cooler! I am dying to work on a project like DC VS Marvel.:grinning:

So, I decided to make one with Iron Man Themed.
@TonyStark, message me if you want one!

Motor Mount I would start with designing Motor Mount, I liked the idea of angle adjustment capability from DIY Electric Skateboard but using the lock nuts.

I am using 5mm thick fiberglass panel.


Tony Stark here. I want one!


Tony Stark isn’t cheap. I am taking up an offering?:blush:

For what you using the fiberglass?

That’s for the motor mount.

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I printed the wheel pulley with Taulman 3D TECH-G 3D,it is suppose to give tensile strength of 5900 PSI.

You can find the pulley here Thanks for the file @JuniorPotato93 It fits great!


It has been raining all day so I made some progress. The cutting is almost done and 2 part battery enclosure, one more to go.


My hard work is about to pay off.


I still need to clean off the PVA residue.


Nice work! Where did you get the motor design from? Did you create it?

I learned from here at forum and I liked the one that allow you to adjust the angle of the motor mount from DIY electric sk.



Are you willing to share the design? It’s the only thing I still need for my build.

Sure. I only have Sketch(DXF) files. That’s all you need to CNC the Motor Mount

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Those @JuniorPotato93 MBS wheel pulleys are awesome. I have tried a few hearings with them, what are you settling on for wheel/motor pulley teeth for this build?

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It will be 17/42/149KV. I am looking for little more torque with MBS all terrain wheels than what I currently have(14/36/213kv). I was only able to find 17 teeth motor pulley for 15mm wide.

That works for me! Looking forward to try it!

Let me have your email address, I’ll send it over to you. I am using little longer belt(305mm) for 42mm wheel pulley so you might want to size down little bit.

Nice and torquey. I am trying 15/44/190kv right now and working well.

Nice gear ratio! I can’t wait to try the 3d printed pulley.:relaxed: How many miles have you put it on? and what material did you print with?

Lol you would laugh, I even tried that gearing ratio on my evolve GT with the @JuniorPotato93 MBS wheel pulleys. For now only printing ABS but moving to nylon ABS for next print. Have only done about 20 miles with the ABS with no issues yet, printed 100 micron level 100% infill