Iron Man Themed/Red CF Deck/Motor mount/Enclosure

What cnc machine?

I have CNC 6040 with Geckodrive G540.

Yeah, be careful with ABS printed pulleys. I might try CNCing the 12mm wide pulley, it will take forever.:sleepy:

I hear coating ABS with acetone after printing helps but am dubious. Nylon seems the way to go, or get CNC-like strength with Armidillo Filament. Again, supposedly lol.

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That armadillo filament sounds too good :thinking:
I’m thinking on giving it a try on pulleys


Armidillo Filament sounds too AMAZING!:fearful: :unamused: The order has been placed. I have to try it out.

omg @MasterCho just when I thought you cant get any more perfect, you just do it again. that black red carbon looks amazing and again mint quality on the enclosure!! amazing :heart_eyes:


Gorgeous enclosure - vacuum infusion process right?


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Just plain dope as shit

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Thank you whitepony, it means a lot to me. :bow:

Yes, But hand layup also can achieve the similar result.:+1:

It would be cool if you coild incorporate a remote into these gloves and the face mask onto a helmet.

Avengers Hulk Buster Mask and Fists Battle Gear Bundle

Or just rock the whole helmet. Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet

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That could have been an awesome Halloween Costume with this!:smiling_imp: Unfortunately, I haven’t put it together yet. What a shame!


Beautiful fit and finish!! WOWZERS!! :robot:

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Update. Finally, I have a chance to put it together with 10s5p battery pack. The flex is perfect for my weight as I planned.

The flex test with the split enclosure.



awesome. this is art.

Wow this is so epic!! I just wonder how you could fix 50 cells in that???

that flex looks really perfect! :heart_eyes:

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Looks fantastic, great job!

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