Is it time to buy a 3D printer?

The more I research this hobby the more I want a 3D printer. Granted I’ve wanted one for several years and have also considered one of the kits. You know the cheap ones from gear best that start fires. I love the idea of building the printer, then using it to make parts to improve itself. Figured I’d spend the day researching but from this community does anyone have a recommendation? I’d like to stay under $300, however if that budget isnt worth it let me know.

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you can get a great self assembly kit for under $300 these days. It will take a good few days to assemble, tweak and learn to print but that is also kind of fun.

Try and get a printer with a heated glass plate it will make life a lot easier.

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recently picked up an Ender 3, loving it so far. it comes pretty much close to fully assembled. maybe about an hour of setup max. Gearbest / BG have it frequentyly for like 170 -180 but you gotta wait for it to ship, you can spend 40 more and get it from amazon in two days look for seller comgrow. Had a slight issue with a bowed bed, but creality replaced it pretty quickly.


Esk8 got me seriously considering a 3D printer as well and a CNC too but those are way more expensive

I think the Ender3 would print most of the things we usually use as I’ve been reading more into 3D printing as well but not sure about how well it prints other filaments like Nylon


Maybe the cr-10 Edit: oops its a little over your budget. Forgot to convert it into $ :slightly_frowning_face:

No worries I’m a deal finder, so I can likely find a coupon or wait for a sale.

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I got an anet a8 for my classroom and got some upgrades for it. Auto Levelling Anet A8 with Included Filament - Prusa i3 DIY 3D Printer w/Self Levelling Sensor

All for under 300. You can google upgrades for this printer and find everything. It takes time but worth it.

Yes the Anet A8 printer is great printer after upgrades and it’s under your budget. There are also many videos reviewing it and recommending what needs to be upgraded.

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Would recommend the creality platforms over the a8, they are much more rigid and not much more expensive. Ebay occasionally has 15 or 20 percent off coupons, bought an ender 3 for 160 shipped with one of those, delivered from a US warehouse

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I just checked out some of the suggestions made here, prices have dropped and quality has upped massively in the year since I got mine. I am tempted to get a second one at these prices, especially as most seem to come pre-assembled now.

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BTW, I’d say that it’s only worth it for buy a printer if you plan on designing your own parts to print. Most doo-dads on thingiverse are useless, poorly designed, or don’t work etc. It’s also just not that much fun to download and print.


I’ve been wanting a printer for a long long time I’ve been looking at the CR-10 but now the CR-10s just came out last year and it has alot of upgrades I’m really thinking of getting it.

Very true, in the 18 months i have had mine ive printed nothing from thingiverse for those very reasons. Its good for ideas though, and examples of how not to do something.

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You really can’t go wrong with an Ender-3, or a CR-10s


Exactly what @Octave suggested;

“Anet A8” = $150 I consider this a workhorse. It was first printer i bought (3yrs ago) and is still rockin it.

“Cr-10” Simplicity of design makes it a great starter printer.

VERY note worthy…

“MPCNC” = can print parts yourself or order. Best multi-purpose machine seen yet for the cost and time to setup/calibrate. Can make work area any size you want. You can attach pretty much any kind of tool head; •spindle •dremel •rotozip •3D printer •drag knife •Palm sanders •Rotary sanders •Pens/Markers

…most listed items already have mounts made and can found on Thingiverse

V1 engineering , creator



This was actually my next project!

The only use I’ve found for it is finding fun benchmarks to tune my printer with

There are plenty of good designs on thingiverse as well as bad ones. You have to remember that people that post there designs made it to their specific needs. It may not be exactly what you want but thats why you edit the design to your own needs.

If you design your own objects, depending on experience, chances are your gonna have to edit it after your first print anyways.

this might help with that…(STL_to_CAD) NOTE: doesn’t always work out well.

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So far my research today is leaning to the Ender 3 or CR-10. I think I like the larger build plate but then again I’ve never used a printer :slight_smile:

Bigger is always better :wink: