Is Lacroix economical?

I’m looking into selling away my boards to finance one. I’d have to pay $330 shipping to the UK, so considering this, is it actually economical to buy one?

In my situation, I would potentially be able to make my own motor mounts/3d print components, but I can’t make my own battery and I like what Lacroix has going. I’m wondering if its actually economical to buy one, or if its marginally cheaper to make my own board. I am using a landyachtz evo w/ diyeboard components on it at the moment, I really like the airless tires and stuff so I don’t know how much of a step up pneumatic are from the airless tires.

What about import taxes? This can make a big difference in your final decision.

I didnt have to pay any on my current boards which are mostly from china. Will i have to here?

depends on your tax limit in your country. Where I live it´s 1000$ per month. If you come over it, you need to pay the tax.

Are they selling a kit including board+enclosure+battery pack? On the website I can only see the complete and the board+enclosure.

Either way, economical is not the reason I would choose that set up if I had the $$$. That’s already 700$ for board+enclosure, don’t get me wrong, I love it but I just cannot conceive how I would spend that much for a deck. The introduction price was somewhat more acceptable but they probably won’t do it again.

No idea. This is country specific. In Greece anything above 22Euro pays VAT and over 150Euro VAT + import tax. These prices include shipping costs, so if an item is 130 actual cost+40 shipping then importing it costs 170Euro +24%VAT + import taxes If you use a courier service (UPS, FEDEX etc) then you will also be charged brokerage fees (which are usually very expensive) Some parcels may slip through customs if the vendor declares a lower value on the parcel but nowadays if it is comes outside of the EU and is above 150Euro you are screwed.


Theres clearly no value in buying the deck alone. I was talking about a complete

I earn -13000$ per year so i think id be under any brackets

Canada to UK might be kinder considering they are in the commonwealth

I don’t think income has anything to do with import taxes at least in the UK


its not about how much you earn. It´s about the value of your ordered product. our tax limit is 1000$ in the month. means, if I order a board for 1300$ i need to pay 30% tax for 300$ which exceeded the 1000$ mark.

You could get one built locally 330$+import will cost almost as a regular single build

So you can import 1000$ worth of crap from china?

Like if the value is higher than 20€ i pay 25% if value is over 200€ i pay like 30℅

yap! not only form china :wink: if everything comes in one month 1000$ can be reached fast :sweat_smile: As far as I know from next year it will be set down to 500$, but even than. Still can order 500 for me and 500 for my girfriend :joy: that safes a lot of money, which I usually need to spend for the shipping than anyhow…

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Yea, ill probably have to. RIP the lacriox dream i guess. I really like my evo now, ill probably get a 10s6p flatpack from you and let the board get swiss cheesed

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We’re in the commonwealth and I can’t even think about a lacroix because of silly import duties. Has to do with trade agreements and apparently Canada has bad ones with certain members of the commonwealth. Why is above my pay grade and I don’t care enough to bother finding out but its annoying hey? To have a complete lacroix delivered to aus costs in total $4000 us Bollocks I say.

Yep, rip the dream :frowning:

Do you know what i can do to get a reasonably close experince to lacroix locally?

So, I’m in Iceland and here everything is taxed. With huge taxes. So to lift up your dreams, I bought complete board and at the end it was 3100€ :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Think about it alot


3100€ is a lot for a board. Just as a quick exercise: Landyachtz EVO 200€ 6374 motors 300€ Focboxes 300€ Surfrodz + mounts 300€ Sixshooters 300€ Remote 50€ Enclosure 100€ 12S5P 30Q Battery with BMS 500€ Various stuff I forget 200€ Total 2250€ for a top of the line esk8.


Completes include labor services. DIY doesn’t really account for that