Is the Marbel board done for? Should we delete the sub-category?

I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that:

  1. The Marbel board has gotten less and less attention
  2. Marbel in general seems to have failed miserably

The Marbel board was a great idea, but it seems to be that the product itself has fallen short. I have now read/seen several reviews online involving just how bad the Marbel board really is. For example:

Also, I have noticed that no other topics have been placed in this category at all, and therefore would like to request that this specific sub-category be deleted and that the few Marbel topics that may exist in the future be placed in the ‘others’ sub-category, given that the community agrees. Is anyone against it?

Maybe yuneec should have its own category.

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I haven’t seen anybody use it, so, I am happy for it to be deleted. @Lizardking0069 Yuneec category is a good idea.

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My Marbel works.

Post a vid! There is almost no reviews on it.

Ride mine all the time as well. Working really well. Can’t wait for the app and 100mm wheels next…

I’ve had a couple issues, but they sent me return label and turnaround was 1-2 days once received. So about 2-2.5 weeks before i could ride again.

To get 10-12 miles and only weigh 10lbs… just can’t beat it. I love my buddies boosted dual+, but it’s heavy in comparison, and i only get 4-5miles on it (not even in top performance mode). love the smoother ride (softer wheels and flex of deck really is awesome), and dual motor just dusts the marbel on acceleration… but FOUR MILES!!! :frowning:

Like others i’m really frustrated by the lack of communication and updates from Marbel, but they do make a great and unique offering to the e-board market. The new v2 Dual+ from boosted - if they can get weight down and increase mileage - that might be the Marbel killer…

Hey Sl33py. I know you from Endless. Have you heard any word on the App and wheels?

Allegedly, my board will be back in he mail this weeks with final updates and wheels

Yeah, i’ve got two small annoying issues - so thinking i might send it back, fix and ask them to swap to my 100mm wheels (even without app). update firmware etc.

the belt has rubbed on the belt guard - no issue yet, but it will break (and i can replace it - no biggie), and the guard slightly rubs on the inside of the wheel. Again - annoying, but don’t’ want to lose my board for a couple weeks when it’s finally nice weather to ride! I need to finish my 2 other builds and then i can spare it. need 2 eboards so GF and i can ride in the evening and relax after work!

I spoke with Misti and am getting the “any day now” response - so your guess on the release dates. Frustrating. If it didn’t run so well otherwise i’d be seriously pissed. but again - 10-12mi and 10lbs…

What I love most around here is the obvious bias title for Marbel and even the GT. I understand that this is the Enertion site but if there is a Marbel section then shouldn’t it be inviting constructive discussion rather than promote dislike and intimidate Marbel owners? Just a thought.

Are there really no other Marbel owners around here?

I don’t think anyone was bias against Marbel in the beginning but after a few months it became clear that the product didn’t live up to expectations and every review I found online said it has serious quality issues. The only reasons that I want to remove the Marbel subcategory is because nobody has ever posted on here, and I don’t think that the creators of Marbel will be in business long enough to fix issues in a new model

I think there intention was to make a dual eventually because there is enough room in the board for more batteries and another motor it should be easy for them once established and get the app out this industry is blowing up.

If I could let you go for a ride on it you wouldn’t say that. The board is no joke.

I am not a wordsmith but if you have any questions about my marbel I would be happy to answer. What do you want to know?

It seems the website seems to be a cover for promoting a boosted referral code.

the app is here

Well, I see that there is interest in Marbel after all. Let us know how the app runs

Which other board has caused such a tremendous stir? Of course there is interest. The board has been highly anticipated and created huge expectations. Even with all the new boards that have come none have caused as much debate as the Marbel because of its balanced combination of three reasons. Range weight and speed or else no one would have been talking about it so much. There is no section here on the Bolt or even half dozen chinese brand that are going to give boosted a run for their money in a few years.

Marbel was just a balls and a speculation pick. Bad press wouldn’t stop a juggernaught industry like this. You can put a rubber band propellor on a an old Nash and sell it for a thousand bucks. I can’t believe I just said Nash… I’m old! It just took a little balls. I don’t think the chinese boards will fail before they figure it out either, to be honest. And they don’t even have online storefronts that are spell checked. I wish more american companies with big balls would pot up and give it a go.

It seems that Marbel has big balls. I like big balls and people like big balls. It seems that even upper-class society thinks that Marbel was “god’s gift to ballroom notoriety. I always fill my ballroom the events are never small. the social pages said they had the biggest balls of all.”

I just need those 100mm wheels.

Has anyone here ever owned a Nash?

the problem with marbel is that they suck at communicating what the hell is going on and they fail to deliver. I actually had a marbel order at one point but got it refunded after a couple weeks of having no idea what the status of my order was, and reading lots of bad reviews on the people who did get their board.

I know that was nuts! Forgive me to say that I think cooler heads prevailed in the end anyway.

Don’t you see what happened now in retrospect?

Crowd funding can be tricky but the hysteria when they started shipping was partially fueled by social media and all the competitor influence. The “tail is waging the dog” on this enertion forum too. It was addicting like a reality show. I had to check in everyday to read the blogs. Honestly Misti musT be a ninja to take all those hits. Customer service jobs must suck!

When the hysteria hit, it was too easy to be mad or scared so it blew up. This young demographic was particularly impatient for a crowd funding venture like a new electric skateboard to hit the market with out all the heavy stuff under it as it was known for . I kind of compare the Marbel hysteria to a “run on the bank”. If you don’t remember what that is, Remember in the old christmas movie “Its a wonderful life” when the town caught wind that the bank was struggling it caused big fear and everyone in town went to the bank to pull out their life savings. Naturally they were scared but if you pulled out too soon old man Potter would get your deposits and then you would really be screwed with no safety net. Well that is literally what happened. So they slowed down and personally handled each case one by one. I never lost communication even though Misti would tease me more than a prom date.

The name of the game for happiness as a rider is competition, the more the better. Literally everyone has a shot at the title in this sport.

Here is a short clip of the movie scene classic that helps explain what I think happened with Marbel as they had to explain your investment.

Now old man Potter’s got your money. I guess at this stage of my life I expect delays because that is life as I realize it.

I had to send it back a couple of times but it is so good that I was just pissed it took two weeks to get back.

Just give me those 100 milly wheels.

i should have signed up here sooner. :slight_smile:

Evolve Carbon GT. Over 1300 replies to the topic

I’m sorry I meant “which other NEW board companies have caused such tremendous stir” for their release. Trying to establish yourself as an american based manufacturing contender was a big deal. Still is.

Experience means everything in this infant market. I think that is why Boosted has focused on perfecting their original model. The V2 only needs to be headache proof to corner the market while everyone else creatively catches up to the “Ford Model T” (the boosted of its time)

Inboard? I’m guessing they learned a lot from marbel’s case and this is why they are taking very carefull steps and have had delays. But they hype on the M1 is still quite big