Is this LED Safety Jacket (from Kickstarter) with turn indicators Super Dorky?

I just came across THIS on KickStarter. At first I really wanted to like it, not just for night riding also for the daytime; it’s supposed to come in a black color too. Then I thought, wait, that doesn’t belong in the world of skate. What do you think, is it to dorky. I want to say it is, but my desire not to get ran over is fighting me…

It doesn’t look like it’ll be funded at this point, but it caught my eye for a moment.

gotta love the small dog powered board


Well, “D” does come before “E” so it makes since. Before “E” electric powered skateboards there where “D” dog power skateboards. I guess the logic brakes down the “H” and human powered, well unless you consider they were “A” as in ass powered…

I wonder what the small dog does for the dork factor… Does it ramp it up, or cancel it out?

not even paying the guy he can be excited about this

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Your right!!! The look on his face does read “come on, you can’t be serious”, to me…

Well, they are both better than “C” which I assume means “Cat” power. Unless you’re going for the high dork factor. Then getting towed on a board by a cat on a leash might be better. No wait, a herd of cats. Like a dog sled team. No, cat board team…Ok I’ll stop now.

Seriously though, I do “heart” the red brake lights… for someone else.

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Lol, you should wear these…

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Are we going to a rave on an electric skateboard?


What you mean… That’s Safety! lol

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Some o f these comments are Gold. :joy: THANKS for the entertainment :+1:

this was my old 24V volt dc BRUSHED motor . that frequently break down and had to be serviced occasionaly . have it blinking colours and the WALKING DEAD will be alive again . yes ! those PHONE CLICKING ZOMBIES ! they only have eyes for their cell phone and tablets .

Wow! that’s a show. Did you ever have issues with police? I know many places have laws against using flashing red or blue lights on any “vehicles” other than for use on emergency or law enforcement ones.

mine is blinking multi colour . yellow , red , blue , purple , green …e.t.c.

not just strobe red & blue .

so its not a problem . it is therefore encourage to lit at least a torch light so others can see you . and you are visible to others . but i took it up a notch . i went DISCO ! ! !


singapore police uses red & blue “strobe” blinking mode .

ok .

if you asked " if its DORKY ? "

its up to you .

but there are several other “safety jacket” out in the web .

if it were in my hands , and it is mine .

i would hack the whole jacket and re positioned all the LEDs to my desired choice of placement .

the yellow LEDs i would re positioned them to my elbows and under my wrist .

while the white LEDs i’d put them center of back jacket .

then again , thats me . just my honest opinion .

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This has a high level of Power Rangers cosplay !


from what fresh hell did this emerge?

i’d rather dunk myself in electro luminescent paint and skate in glowing naked glory than wear this jacket.

maybe if it were a black leather biker looking cut with red or purple lights in a very different pattern…


Imagine spandex, just… imagine

But look, you can make it look like you have a load in your diaper:smile:

And if your trying for “electro luminescent paint” you can rip off the sleeves and split the difference.

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Good God, Hulk!! Avengers came early this year. haha just kiddin

people living in northern hemisphere would like this jacket . its cold in their region . i dont know australia much , but in singapore its rainy season now . i would buy one for myself .