Is wearing this still safe?

Is this helmet still safe to wear? Has it’s protective ability been compromised? If so, is there still a possible way to fix/repair it?

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Oh my, before this turns into world war three:

It’s generally advised that helmets that have sustained any visible damage (like this) are discarded.

Secondly people here can be violently opinionated about this topic haha.


Its definitely better then No helmet, but it’s not nearly as safe as it would be. Should be replaced.


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If you have another helmet, discard it now. If you don’t, use it while the new one is shipping, then discard it.


elaborate on the cause of damage.

If it wasn’t an actual impact then you are fine as the inner foam is what protects you from head injury.


that seems to me just like surface damage


@brenternet Ooooh… didn’t mean to incite a war :smiley: I’m proSafety/safety gears though. I worked in ED and the damage I’ve seen to patients because of not wearing proper gears is… let’s just say, the human body is mushy and gooey.

I got it last June, brand new, just out of the box (that picture is the actual unboxing).

Wait – this is brand new?

It may not be compromised then. It’s the inner foam being smashed by a skull that means they need replacing

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Eeek, I wouldn’t trust it then if you aren’t even sure where the damage was sustained. Why was it not returned out of interest?

Mike has done it, it’s done. I’m grabbing my popcorn

But the outer shell holds the inner shell together right?


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What do you guys think about those soft foam helmets? I’ve never worn one with the hard foam, always that soft pliable inner material with the hard outer shell…

I immediately contacted seller and was instructed to file for damage claims in the post office and so I did. Gave information to seller for processing in US post. Completed the leg work and just been patiently waiting for a resolution since.

But last week, I almost kissed the asphalt and realized I would be much safer if I had a full faced helmet… oh wait I do. It’s sitting in a box at home. I recently contacted seller and get an update but he says it’s been declined again and had to dispute it.

I feel like it has dragged on more than it should have so I thought, maybe I should just use it. Maybe it’s safe to wear this helmet even with this damage, so I wanted the expertise of the people in this community. I don’t know anything about helmets so I also did some reading and most people say to replace it, (especially with a damage like these where foam is coming out of the crack).

You need to do a chargeback. The seller is probably bullshitting you, waiting for your chargeback window to run out


I remember someone else having trouble with a damaged helmet, it was new and had minor damages and it took them some time to finally get a new one.

Same might be happening here

It really depends on the fall… That end lip area of the TSG helmet is SUPER brittle. I chipped mine when rolled on the area. if you look carefully that area isn’t actually filled in with foam and the shell isn’t actually that strong at all. But if you did have an straight impact, the foam likely had compressed, it would be wise to replace… potentially with a helmet with multi impact rating :wink:

I’ve written off lots of helmets biking. Depending on the type of foam inside what sort of crash was it? Scrape or impact? If you can see a crack inside immediately chuck. If not, can you feel a dimple in the foam?. No matter how light a crash the protective factor is reduced, but possibly still better than a cheap helmet. But if your next crash is really bad (car etc), what price do you still put on good health? Looking at the pics it can still take a side impact each side. Up to you bud

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@b264 Is it possible to do this with Paypal? I haven’t been in a situation like this before so I’m not quite sure how to proceed except to contact seller.

@pat.speed I’m not sure… conversations were more about waiting for response from US post for damage claims.

@lxf @newskate There was no fall. It’s brand new, and was already like that out of the box so I’m not sure how the damage happened.

Much as the helmet debate is fun there is not a person on here that can advise you in all good conscience where your head is concerned. If you have another certified lid that is undamaged wear that. How much value do you put on your melon?

Yes, definitely. Tell the seller to resolve the issue, funds transferred by 2018 Sep 21, or you will chargeback. Then next Friday if they give you more excuses, let PayPal handle it. There is a 6 month window for paypal.


Change it and for a full face helmet… Why?

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