Is xiuj201515 seller on eBay selling fake batteries

So I recently bought 48 batteries from this seller on eBay. When I went through to voltage check them one did not even read and 7 of the other ones had significant lower voltage than the others. I contacted them on eBay but have not heard back. I decided to inspect one to make sure it was real. Under the shrink wrap the battery had no markings. If I could get some figuring if this out that would be great. Here is a photo of the profile on eBay. image

What kind of batteries are we talking about?

you didn’t state the brand either way if there name brand like Sony,Samsung,Panasonic or LG they will have printed or stamped numbers and or letters possibly even a barcode on the metal casing of the battery. this is put there by the manufacturers to keep track of battery’s before there sleeve is put on. now its different with cheap unbranded battery’s they do everything sleazy possible to save a penny including lying about mah/ah max rating, using thinner wrapper’s, thinner casings and even saving a penny on ink. in my honest opinion stay away from cheap battery’s there not worth the risk of fire or injury.

They are Samsung 18650 30q

there probably fake then. do they have a double lip seam on the positive side and does the positive cap have three prongs. i have a set of four legit Samsung’s with me right now.

Take soom good photos of the batteries and post them

Ok I will when I get home

Yes they do

post some photo’s if you can also have you tried charging them then testing them. they may have sat in the warehouse or the sellers place long enough to fully/partially discharge.

Here are some photos. imageimageimage

Ok I posted some what do you think

Has anybody bought from this seller before

From the outside they look good, but that doesnt mean too much. i bought mine from a reputable source not on ebay. But that variation of voltage shouldnt be and the dead one is suspicious. Mine came all precise 3.38v Where are you from? Europe/Asia/US?

I am in the US I bought 48 of them and they were all the same voltage except for 7 and the one dead one.

i want to say these are rewrapped fakes.

Ok thanks for the help. Return request has been started

Always look at the reputation of a seller. This one has a habit of selling fake products and is generally described as dishonoust.

Most certainly fake without a doubt.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

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Totally agree!

Personally I would never risk buying unknown cells from an unknown source, not a part of a build you can really cut costs and be safe

Why buy something as dangerous as a battery/cell from an unknown source? One bad cell is enough to burn down your home.

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