Jaguar XS-RS: DIY Jaguar Skateboard

Been on the forum a while now, and while my board is still very much a work in progress, I’ve got too many ideas and parts floating around to not start a build thread. I work for Jaguar Land Rover, I’m an apprentice technician. Seeing these cars day in, day out, I’ve a real soft spot for some of the little touches in the designs of these machines.

The Plan: Build a board, using characteristics and design cues from existing and historic Jaguar cars. If I can get my hands on an I-Pace battery pack, you can bet your arse those Samsung cells will be getting used :grin:

Specs: 10s5p or 12s4p Samsung 30Q or I-Pace cells (to be purchased when funds allow) Focbox Unity (when they finally start shipping) Direct Drive (I’ll touch on this in a sec) Jaguar E-Pace gear selector remote, GT2B or NRF internals (got some Arduino Nanos on order so we’ll see the results of testing) 3D printed Jaguar D-Type bodyshell (you’ll see why eventually :wink: ) F-Type bronze Ignition Switch (Because who wants a normal on/off switch?) RC lights (one set of head and tail lights, one set of Tamiya lights with indicators) Deck will likely be laser cut and hand laminated, plywood and fibreglass (still trying to find somewhere local that’ll be able to help with that one)

Direct Drive: Recently becoming more and more popular, though the Carvons and TorqueBoards ones are just way outta my price range. I like the Metasurf ones, but they seem a little underpowered. I’ll likely go down the route of a DIY set, using existing components. I’d like to see 100kv sensored, for a top speed approaching 30mph. Depending what kind of tools I have at my disposal, I’d like to try some form of watercooling on the stator, but I’ll need to get some motors in my hand before working out if that’s a feasible idea.

Thanks for taking the time to have a nosey at my little project, I’ll try and get some pictures uploaded as work progresses :smiley:


Looks like a very interesting project… I’ll be following this… I want to see what you do with DD

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Holy giant project. What jaguar design do you plan to transfer to the board? I think it will cost as much.
metasurf has been bending axles n don’t yhink for sale anymore


I’d like to take the bodyshell for the D-Type, and use the flared arches as splashguards on the trucks, though I’ve got to sketch and measure up dimensions for the prototype. I’d heard rumours that Metasurf would consider producing a 70kv sensored motor, but only for a minimum of 80 units, which the group buy failed to find buyers for. I knew about their trucks, though I didn’t realise they’d stopped selling them. I’ll likely make my own, I was thinking of having the stator as a part of the truck…though I lack the tools and funds currently to achieve that :smile:

This is awesome. You are combining two of my favorite things - cars and ESK8! As for the motors, what about Enertion’s new Raptor 2/Unity combo kit? You get a lot of bang for your buck.

I had considered the Enertion hubs, but I’d like to run normal wheels after riding my Meepo for so long, even with Enertion being market leaders for their hubs, they’re just a little too pricey for my taste :slight_smile:

Got it. In that case, seems like belt drive is the way to go (plently of torque, reliability, cheap). I’ll sell u my extra Torqueboards Trucks and V5 Motor Mount for cheap if u want :slight_smile: (no pressure tho).

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Oh my god! I am shocked!


Ha. That was so funny how we all saw it coming. Again. It was like the raptor 3


Gotta see this!!

Awesome concept.


are they for dual?

Yep. Will fit 6380s.

where you located?

Austin, TX

They tried to say it was normal for it to bend also…

Which would maybe be a great ride for awhile

Likes Jaguar so much that he wants to build a board around the brand. Also thinks Enertion is associated with expensive tastes and won’t use their products because of it.

Had a little giggle… Good luck mate. Keen to see what your end product is :slight_smile:

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The Focbox Unity is Enertion last I checked, I’m just not feeling the love for hubs like I used to and wanna explore the direct drive approach :smile: And y’know, staff discount on the Jag parts :wink:

Fair enough :slight_smile: Keen to see what you come up with!

Me too! :smiley: we’ll see what Christmas brings!