Jansen is untrustworthy

I was reluctant to say anything because im not in the habit of name and shaming people, but at this point I figure I might aswell throw it out there so others are aware of his behavior and don’t make the mistake of trusting him.

@Jansen asked me to print him the nano-w remote. I was prompt in my response and he agreed to the terms and price of the transaction. I ordered the custom color filament he requested and quickly sent him his remote shell. Upon providing the tracking info, I sent him the request for payment via paypal. This was 5 days ago and sense then he has not responded to my messages despite logging in on a daily basis. I will not be providing him with any of my services regardless if he offers to pay in advance from this point forward.


I thought it was typical to pay in advance for anything on this site


Im an honor bound individual, sometimes to a fault. I would never send big ticket items out before payment but a $15 dollar remote isn’t going to bankrupt me. It’s not a huge deal but enough to warrant a warning to anyone else who might do business with him.


Isn’t that the same guy having public complains against @torqueboards on their direct drive thread?


Haha that is him. Maybe he’s not around?




Just so everyone knows I’m closing this the second it turns into a shitshow. Isn’t vendor bashing so I have no official grounds for now…


maybe you can IP block that user if the matter doesn’t get resolved in a couple of days.

He wanted to buy my Evo and deaded me twice before I gave up trying to re-establish contact with him, once when I had already gotten to the post office :I

The only thing to be taken away here is get payment first… Unfortunately being trustworthy just makes you a target on the internet :thinking:


Good job :rofl:

unfortunately I need to agree with you here.

It´s not the first and only case people ordered and got things shipped, but didn´t pay for it after.

We are a community and should hold together here, not rip off others. The same if I sell something used I should make clear if there is a damage, so that the buyer know about it.

As buyer you always have the papal claim as back up, but if you trust somebody as seller that you will get your money later you just fucked…

I can´t say about this case, maybe it´s really just a missunderstanding or what ever, but I know about one other case where people come away with it and still on here.

Really, what to make best if you understand you got rip off? To go all public, always? But that would give a risk of a shit show again, so maybe better no… Maybe to report things like this to the mods should be the way to go. Idk…


I agree, the only reason I spoke up was to provide my experience( I’m not saying that you’re coming at me)

I would have posted previously, but didn’t because although getting to the post office is a hassle to me, that’s all it is.

Imo @redbaron is (if everything adds up) completely in the right here, but it’s unfortunate that it had to be made public.

Jansen apparently browses the forums and only responds to PM when he feels like, and I feel like all vendors who make their products to order should have the knowledge available


it was not anything about this thread. This i all good and still stay pretty polite. was more like a thought for the future. still hope somebody of the mods will answer here what should be the right way in a case like this.


He had contacted me about doing a board and I asked him his location because I would rather keep the shipping in the US for now and he said he was in Cali but then never got back to me so I just figured he had left the forum.


@Jansen tenor%20(1) @RedBaron tenor%20(2)

@Jansen giphy

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I think you got the wrong name there my friend.


@jensens I fixed it lol but now you get to read the drama of the day hahaha


How can I believe you? I heard you were untrustworthy :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Good question but the bigger question is, By what standards do you judge yourself?

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Very very high standards that I never meet and constantly strive to improve. Good keeping me in check :smile:

Great, now I trust you