Jayallday's New Battery

A picture’s worth a thousand words…

Here’s what I see. The heatshrink is still on the battery-preventing any “tampering” as @jayallday was accused of.

The battery doesn’t read nominal voltage when connected to a voltmeter. Hard to cheat that one too.

Being accused of just trying to get refund when you didn’t get what you ordered is almost normal these days on the forum…

Just a quick question:

Did he order a 4s battery? If not, then he didn’t get what he ordered.

Simple as that.


And the photo and video testing I have is what then?

Thanks man l appreciate it. Only trying to get my money back at this point. Before that I only wanted to get the battery I paid for. Now I have to shell out another $400 for a battery which will take another 10 days

He would have gotten his refund but instead he chose to threaten me an act like a brat before and after he got the product, I offered him multiple oppurtunities to work for a solution and go over any problems. The fact is he cut off communication with me when I was building it and complained when he got it how does that make any sense

The photo that you are claiming is of the battery you sent me Is not the battery i received

What you have is the opportunity to fix the situation. That’s what you do when you have a customer with a valid problem. I don’t know anything other than the picture he showed me. Doesn’t look like he tore into the battery to me.

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I have tried to all I get back is angers messages and threats

Show the other photo pal


I see that it has power. Can see that in Jays photo too. What about the voltage?

Can’t upload video here but I’ll try and get it on YouTube or something

And today we learned how e-switches work. 95% of mosfet gated swiches leave a “residual voltage” when the switch is in off position. At the mentioned stage you could short the 2 poles and this “fake voltage” wouldn’t be able even to make a spark. Thus if the guy has a eswitch turned off 15v can be a right value. If the battery hasnt an eswitch then the battery is comprimised or the guy is faking the test. @psychotiller


Photos and videos of the product were sent as I said and the customer approved I did a charge test an led test showing the voltage, and finally a voltage test

Let’s put this to bed. I am done with the forum. I don’t need anyone here to believe me or what I say. I’m going to wait and see how the claim goes. I know what is the truth I don’t need the internets approval. @psychotiller thanks for everything man. I’ll be in touch.

Hey man have you turned on the battery before measuring voltage?

Good Lord…this is ludicrous.


This does indeed have an eswitch

Go ahead and ban me if you need to. This is bullshit period.