Jayallday's New Battery

How do i withdraw from this site? Anybody that’s not will care to help me out

Now that this is on its own thread, we can try and figure out whats going on. Ideally in a civilized manner. @Jayallday if you try and be a bit more civil, i’m pretty sure most of the people in this forum always try their best to solve problems like this. But just insulting another member doesn’t do you any good.


I have tried to be and all I get is called a liar and ganged up on

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Nobody’s going to ban you from the site…You haven’t even come close to banning material! Taylor? Anyone? Anyone?

And you certainly shouldn’t withdraw. Most of us like to work our shit out in public here.


I saw that. I think that’s done. Lets see if anyone can solve the voltage issue.

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Dude I am going to excuse myself from this. I am not in the wrong here other than my anger management. I have been taunted by this guy and he knows damn well this is shady. I now have to shell out for another battery and this annoys the shit outta me

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Ok. Fair enough.

All I asked for was assistance with something that I am ignorant of. If anyone cares to investigate. The guy outs himself. It’s his ego and guilty conscience at fault

I love Skateboarding and I have loved skating since I was 15. This is not how I want to think of skating

If you have any recommendations on a reliable vendor for a battery man I’m all ears my dealings with you should be a reflection of me as a customer not this will nonsense

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@barajabali makes custom batteries. (Chiboards)

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Yup! I have bought many batteries from @barajabali Visit www.chiboards.com

Dude you don’t need to weigh In with anything. You were the first person to jump on calling me a liar with Will Park. Good day

Woah. I just answered your question. Didn’t think you’d be mad about that


Well guys idk what more I can I can’t please everyone I guess but hey everyone is entitled to their opinion

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@Jayallday take a breather Bro you seem heated,as you should be if as you claim you were sent a fualty product! Come back to the thread tomorrow,I’m sure it will all get worked out.

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He’s mad about anything, I garuntee I did not screw up on his battery

I think the problem here is some adults don’t know how to use their words effectively. This commonly leads to frustration and disagreements.


IF but I will tell u it was not at least not before I shipped it which he also confirmed after he got the photos and videos and gave me his adress for the purpose of shipping him the battery which AFTER TESTING was “good to go man”

I am asking for this to drop. I am so angry over this that i cannot see straight and I just get notification after notification. The battery is not acceptable. I am taking care of that elsewhere period