Just took my dual drive on its maiden voyage..HOLY SH!t balls!


I started with my first build as a single drive but before the batteries arrived for the build i ended up getting my dual gear.

Now i was able to take the single for a ride on a small battery i had lying around and its was fun but the braking was garbage, acceleration was quick tho…

but dual is way more gratifying! acceleration is punchy and quick… braking is way better… and hills… what are hills anymore?? =P

maytech 6355’s , a 10s4p PF build for my first battery build attempt… and focboxes in bldc until my second sensor wire arrives.


Now push those to the 100 amp, u never ganna pull it to the max trigger. funny thing is we are not the fastest board out here. lol


Lol imagine a 13s5p with a whole lotta amps. :rocket::fuelpump:

I just put my old drive system on my buddies board who’s also on 10s, dual 6374 sensored FOC with 20mm belts. He was cheesin ear to ear for miles, because the power is just astonishing compared to a single. Welcome to the world of duals man :metal:


is this really advisable? I’ve only maxed at 80 on 12s3p, 30q, focboxes, usually have it set at 60. would 100 be bad for the hardware?


Talking motor amps. I’d say max out around 80ish on 6355 to minimize saturation.

The FETs are rated for 250A. The real thing that matters is the battery amps in regards to the ESC. And for the motor, it’s to keep heatsoak down

But in the end with a high motor amps, and a low battery max, effectively what happens is the motor amps are only able to max out up to a certain duty cycle, and the amperage starts falling. Take a look at some of my posts about duty cycle, and some in the motor amps thread @Mikenopolis :slight_smile:

The end result is being able to put down whatever your effective wattage is all the way through the powerband vs ramping up(wattage) as duty increases…


I had mine on 40A for a long time and only increased the motor amps to 60A quite recent. It felt scary uncontrollable in the beginning and I can’t imagine how much 100A will do. Def recommendable increasing step wise starting from 40A :grin:


welcome brother! dual rocksssssss. 40mph+ club


Let’s just stick to 0-20 acceleration first hahaha :wink:


lmaooo…if you wanna send me some 40ts that would be great :wink:


Hahaha self control. Self control…

But really?

Let me know…


omg what width are those… i pay shipping…:no_mouth:

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I’ve been doing this since first day of focbox received, not an issue because u never ganna reach that for dual. it just give head room and gives u better acceleration. even for single days I actually floored it on hill. motor was bit hot but still riding :muscle:

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yeah I have 80A only when I know I need it. Because of the 3P battery and me chickening out, I ride conservatively for range with 60A.


I totally agree - took my first dual motor build out for a couple of test runs last week and it’s like driving a lexus after years in a corolla. Quick, powerful, smooth, responsive, great braking, trustworthy (so far). I couldn’t find a hill that thing wouldn’t eat up.

I’m in love. I’m afraid this will engender a whole new round of modifications to make all my boards dual motor.

I run 45A to each motor.

Has anyone quantified the amount of power used by a dual-motor setup vs. a single motor setup over a fixed distance on flat level ground? Seems like for the same distance the dual eats far more power than the single. I would have expected a little more, but not a lot.

Dual uses more energy for sure, my distance reduced 5km average (10s 10ah). Possibly due to lackless accel and break but it def is less.

If you cruise more instead of going fast often, dual doesn’t eat up as much battery as you might think. Both motor will have to work less than if a single motor would on its own. So it’s more efficient.

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I second this if you cruise it is not that different. dual just gives lot of fun for accel it is hard not to pull it tho

Well, we definitely have a divergence of opinion here :slight_smile: I will try to do exactly the same run on both boards and see how much each consumes.

That said, for the fun of blasting up hills I’m willing to pay the price of reduced range. Or it’s a really good excuse to throw down on those 4k mAh 20700’s :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat.

  • more acceleration torque
  • better braking torque
  • safer feeling experience
  • more fun all around experience

Duals all day. I will never rock a single, ever.