Kushboard Nano, lightweight build | 121c Orbiter deck | Avio Gear drive | 7s2p 30Q | 6355 TB 190KV | Flipsky 4.12 | 97mm Abec Reflys

I built a Jet Spud commuter board last year in June, and was just recently upgraded to 107mm wheels and a gear drive. It was a 10s3p with a 190kv 6374 single drive. Total weight of the board is around 10 kilos, and range was quite a lot, for a commuter board.


This board is too heavy to carry around when i’m in a mall or in places where i have to carry it and walk. So hence, its time to build a lightweight Kushboard :star_struck:

The goal is to have a low powered board with a weight of maybe 4~6 kilos. I went with a 7s2p 30Q battery, so it’s pretty tiny.


For this build, i went with @nuttyjeff’s Avio gear drive, and it involves cutting the hangar for it to fit the gear drive. 20181205_185134 20181205_190651 20181205_212822

Went to Jeff’s place to set it up20181224_202422 I put way more grease when i was home.20181224_205837 20181224_211148 Set up with 97mm Abec Reflys. This was the smallest wheel size to use with this gear drive.20181224_212058

Installed it to a 121c Orbiter Carbon fiber deck. Honestly i laughed a bit after installing both trucks because it looks so goofy haha20181224_214005 20181224_213904

More to come soon!


Thought this will be called nano :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait for the enclosure (:


Hmm nano or micro…

Just call it the minibus


Here’s the insides, 7s2p 30Q battery, Flipsky 4.12 ESC, Lunacycle Antispark switch. Surprisingly with everything except the enclosure, it weighs right smack at 5 kilos. I figured it’ll be 6 kilos from the 97mm abecs. 20181224_230515

I’m not a tall dude, so something like this is nice for me. 20181224_225509

Tiny! Not as small as a Penny. It’s 25" in length. 20181225_175127 20181225_010144

Now comes a problem… The battery is a bit too wide for the deck, and i did not want to go for a double stack. There’s only about 10mm of space if the battery is in the middle, so the enclosure can’t have a flange coming at the sides.20181225_224847

Thinking of an enclosure design. 20181226_094254

@nuttyjeff came through and helped me design an enclosure so that it fully utilizes the full width of the deck’s space. Here’s some CAD porn. 2 5

3 1 4

The enclosure will be sent in to be printed in Nylon. I was planning to have it printed in a cheaper filament and then mold it in fiberglass but just this time, i figured outsourcing it to get printed would be the better option.

Meanwhile, i had the bottom and sides glossed up. 20190101_233958 20190101_233956 20190102_112509


Very cool little build


Another gorgeous sweety and this time little candy board :stuck_out_tongue: !! Awesome mate, thanks for sharing your work ! This enclosure mod looks perfect :wink: well done :+1:


Oooooo what’s this?

7 8 9 6


a beautifull dream to reality !! (or R&D to conception ^^ ) he looks as impressing as he must be solid!

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One issue is that the side edges of the enclosure protrude out by about 2mm from the deck, so might have to heat form it a bit if its possible. If not i’ll have to bust out the fiberglass body filler again haha


ok :smile: you do it well, it should be easy ! Is the deck flex ? a base / frame foam, seal, flexible could just fill and seal?

If my back foot is near the end of the kicktail, the board will flex but very slightly. I’ll take a closer look at it when i collect it from Jeff this weekend.


HOLY CRAP, I LOVE THIS BUILD!!! Interested to see how much that battery will do.


How flexy is that 121c Orbiter deck?

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The looks like it will have u gliding bro. It is well deserving of the name Orbiter

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The middle will flex up a bit if i stand really near the edge of the kicktail. The flex is really minimal, so i think the enclosure will stiffen it up a bit.

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I had a range of 40km on my single 6374, 107mm wheels with a 10s3p 30Q

I’m hoping i’ll get at least half maybe???

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Nice. I love what @nuttyjeff did with the 121c Rover. Looking forward to seeing your finished Orbiter. I wish I had a 3D printer to make a sick little 121c build.

Shit. I kinda want to like… exactly copy this haha.

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Got the enclosure fitted and ready to drill 20190126_180339 20190126_182321 20190127_021551

Just right, enough space for a 4.12 ESC, 14 cells and an antispark. 20190127_133121 And of course i’ll spray truck bed liner over this enclosure20190127_212945


I’ll trim the insert that protrudes out and get a shorter bolt soon. 20190128_005955 20190128_010816