Landwheel staff's reply to the Landwheel dual hub motor electric skateboard system

New to the community, yet I’m a Landwheel staff, anything you’d like to know about the Landwheel produtcts, we can discuss here.

Wish a new category for “Landwheel” in Prebuilt E-boards will come up.


You, my friend, are on the wrong forum …

untill moderated it’s the wrong forum bro

well, it took long already, too long for my likings…

This is DIY my friend… Did you find boosted, Marble, inboard, etc. ?

Then why have you not addressed my emails to your manufacturer or company regarding the illegitimacy of several of your product claims in Winter 2015 and Spring 2016 (Range, Speed/Hill Claims, Battery Capacity, and average motor temperature)?

I appreciate that you’re on the proverbial e-Board with us, but your product is essentially a clone of the Mellow Board (which has since fallen behind).

Actually boosted, Marble, inboard are found in this category.

I didn’t even wanted to go in that topic… But I guess you get my point

Yes off-course, but you’re taking it totally out of context

Not sure what are you talking about in the first paragraph.

However, Landwheel is distinguished from Mellow from inside out, we’re applying for the patents in EU. Let’s wait and see.


Ok my friend, would you regard turning your skate board in to an electric one as DIY? by mounting Landwheel drive on your deck.

Sounds fair enough. We’ll see.

Mod Packs for e-Boards aren’t really DIY or “built” however. Until reviews, modding and teardowns happen, a Landwheel section will probably remain undeveloped.

This is not aliexpress…

Let’s not get hostile here, forums are places of learning.

If Landwheel had offered some kind of competition for best Landwheel mod or coolest deck + pack combo, we would all be down to get our hands dirty.

With that said, we don’t really want to make this e-Board Craiglist (too late), E-Board Alibaba/Aliexpress, or a single companies forum. It’s hard to keep on track which is why we remind ourselves and others about why we commune here.


I’m not hostile at all, if I would like pre-built stuff comercially put into my mouth, I would google it. I’m here to learn the background (electrics, electronics, mechanics) of all that. That’s why enertion, ollinboards, longhairedboy, torqueboards,… are here. Yes there are commercial companies topics, but not for sales purposes …

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this is double-standards, if they can promote their stuff directly or indirectly why cant the guys from China do aswell?

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Again,no offense to you as well, I had to check some of your posts just to get your standpoint on this, I’m no mod, don’t have the intention to be, but this is basically a DIY forum.

This is where you have double-standards cause you couldn’t trust something you’ve built on your own in preference to something that’s pre-made and has been proofed and tested.

I see you mentioning an e-go which you don’t like cause of the limits. Well, then buy something pre-made DIY. Like a Scarlett or raptor or ollinboard, etc… Sure those won’t disappoint you.

(And on top of this, I didn’t want to go into this, but this is just a Chinese copy ripping off someone else, I want to see you put all your efforts (read money) in designing something and see it copied)

edit for reference:

I think it’s good that landwheel staff is here and talking. It’s not very diy but the more of anything related the better in my mind. What’s there to fear?

I’d like to know what they think about mellow board and what distinguishes them!?

The more inclusive this forum the better I think, that is if they’re here to be open about what they sell and have the balls to compare

Yizhi can u show us your motors apart and describe the components in detail?


What is landwheel, could have at least posted a link for everyone to understand what this thread is about

Look If I’m going out of bounds, please tell me, I’ll shut up and take my opinion elsewhere, but if half of the alibaba/aliexpress (contace us website) style staff is going to promote their products here I want a feature to turn that part of the forum out of my interests.

On top of that, He’s been a member for quite some time, with zero contribution to this community, slurping up our good ideas to afterwards turn it into this: