Landyachtz EVO Direct Drive

Wanted a drop down deck for my DD build.

To do list finish battery build (10S3P 26650) Mount FS mini dual Vesc New enclosure setup VX2 now in KM/h thanks Helen from FS Finish LED driver and brake light Circuit Install DAVEga and BT


how much clearance to you have from the enclosure to ground? The Evo drops quite a bit

I have also an EVO with a 12S4P battery.

Clearance is enough. Just need bigger wheels for the direct drives.


Thats it isnt it this is going to be my street carver and abec 107 or TB 110’s largest I will go. I was going to use my enclosure the same one they use on their evo board “beast” but its 55mm deep fits the 26650 cells with room to spare, only other enclosure I have that fits them is a amazon DIYE enclosure 30mm test fit with wheels not a lot of clearance, 26650s have to go. I will order some 35E cells and grab a streamlined enclosure, i dont want to negate the drop with lifters or massive wheels.

I would love to know how dkp work out on an Evo. I can not imagine how the split angles will affect the ride. I’m thinking it may try to kill you.


Been experimenting with split angles with my superspud but the evo intoduces a forced split angle not sure how its going to go at high speeds. Took it for a gravity only ride i live in a very hilly part of the Gold Coast. Rolls super smooth no belt drag only a slight drag from magnets. Carving is awesome I popped on some evolve green bushings. Loving the low centre of grav…thought I would be riding it this weekend : sad face emoji : foot breaking on such a heavy board nearly took my foot off.

Here you go. Seems to work at very low jay B speeds

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We taking JB advice now? Met the guy and seen him ride. he thinks he is good… N00b alert I have my board backwards i thought the bird pointed forward. I learnt something from a JB video :hangs head in shame: " an evolve evolve"


Nope I havent takes back what little dignity I have…Lucky I ordered 20 2oz 4P pcbs last week. Have time now to get a bestech charge only anyone in oz want to swap a 10S CO bestech for a 12S CO bestech or cash please DM me. The dickyho waterproof bms looks ok but too thick for new enclosure and only use 8 awg its a s##t to solder and overkill.

I am a long time rider of Evo’s bro and yes that can be the case when first looking at the deck lmfao.

Have you seen my evo ride?

It has a wide front area and this will give you good carve ability while the split angles make it stable with 50’ rkp trucks. Mine is twitchy with the front foot at over 60 k’s so fuck knows what it would be like with dkps

Maybe tkp the rear and dkp the front. Rear solidity will give you nice solid acceleration while still allowing the front to turn for carving. Just be careful at anything over 40 k’s

I would be more worried about the brown stain in my shorts…

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I geared it down bro. It used to do 70 odd.

Fastest on the radar was 46mph

too fucking fast for my lack of self control


Stormesk8 6" airless kegal core at wheels and 50 x Sammy 35E havent decided on 12S or 10S on their way time to shop a slim enclosure any recommendations?

35e are only like 8amp discharge right…so in 4p we are talking 32 amps…if you push them. Seems low. Why not 30q’s

You have the 12 or the 10 bms?

I thought they were rated at 10amp constant 40 is heaps for my needs. Especially if I go 12S4p the evo is a long deck even 10S5P should be possible. Maybe I should look at what the various enclosures hold. Leaning towards 12S only because I have a few bestech 12S charge only BMS. I am hoping the stormesk8 wheels will take 6" tubes and tires with modification. They will likely end up on my at build.

I ended up scoring 20 x Aldi drill Batteries 18V 4amp super cheap originally to build a diy powerwall. But found they had samsung high current cells inside. Rated at 20amps each but only 2000mah so I decided to make a few 80amp 12S 8000Mah sprint packs and one double layer 13S5P monster I have a few 12S bestech leftover. What kind of enlosure did you use on your evo?

Ordered a psychotiller evo enclosure #1282 Changed order from 35E to VTC6 trading some capacity for current. Ordered Metr Pro BT Going with 12S4P Ditching daveGA not enough uart ports VX2 remote requires uart Budget officially blown…

eboosted. I have here a 10s co bms. Want to trade for 12s?

Minor update new cells arrived been riding it with the 26650 nursing it everywhere because of 27mm of clearance, 26650 are very punchy. Just waiting on @psychotiller enclosure and stormesk8 airless at wheels.

Its super carvey and love the deck its my new fav also received a moose brand evo copy yesterday i ordered when it looked like i wasn’t going to find a evo falcon. Apart from the tail angle and narrower and no taper its a good copy. Might add a carbon fibre layer to reinforce it.

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