LED strips connected to the board

Hi i got some new LED strips i wanted to connect to my elongboard. I tryed to connect them to my rc reciver (the reciver for my controller). It works fine and i can turn the lights on and off using a switch on the remote. The problem is that the LED lights dont get enough power so they light up pretty badly. Any ideas how i can do this? want to be able to turn the lights on and off with the remote.

extra question: I have a SP110E LED Hue bluetooth controller for the light. Any good Apps i can use to get half the leds white and the other half red?

Just one quick search will reveal that there are a bunch of options on here…
For example:


Do a search for buck converter and step-down converter and you will see a lot of examples.



A buck converter steps down voltage dosent it?

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Yes it does.

How would that help me when i need more?

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Whatcha mean?

when i connect the led strips to the rc reciver the light gets under 5v. The LED strips barely lights up

Because your lights are using a lot of current, the receiver (actually the ESC powering the receiver) isn’t powerful enough to maintain the 5 volts you need. Using a step-down converter directly from your battery will make sure your lights have enough power without dropping below 5V :slight_smile:


Any way to use my remote controller ch2 as on/off switch when i use a step-down converter directly connected to the battery?

Yes, a transistor and a resistor so that the receiver toggles power in the step down converter circuit. Others have probably done it on this forum before with a better explanation, but here’s what I did for my brother’s board:


Left side would be the output of your step down converter, and right side is channel 2 of your receiver :slight_smile:

For me the lights still faintly glow even when the remote isn’t turning the transistor on, so I guess I picked a bad transistor :confused:

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You can use an RC switch like this one to switch the power from the step-down converter to your LEDs


This is my solution: 1556667494031620650291558346257



I just temp wired it last night…

I am using Arduino nano powered off receiver. 40T provides power to LEDs. Channel 2 (steering) provides data input to arduino. Arduino provides data out to switch on LEDs and change colors/patterns based on channel 2 pot position.

Battery tube can swap 21700 or 18650 as necessary. One 40T should power the 64 nodes for minimum 3 hours.

Battery tubes can be assembled multiples in series to series more batteries. The DC barrel jack head can be swapped for an LED headlight, high power connector…etc, it’s modular…



I may have gone overboard on LEDs planning out for…144 addressable LEDs running off the main battery and another 6x T6 LEDs on a light bar. A car high beam is about 1200 lumens, this is about 6000 lumens total

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I use these buck boards puts out 4 amps, Run my 5 volt headlights, WS2815 strips driven by my nano firefly variant receiver ESP32-lora (Droid), and brake lights and I also breakout a waterproof USB to the side of my enclosure to use to charge my phone, transmitter, tablet.

They even work with my 13S Board


How does the waterproofing USB work? Do you need to silicone it in or does it provide some sort of sealing gland or otherwise?

then you use a 12" male to male usb to connect to the buck converter I also use a micro usb version and a 4 way toggle switch (master/Slave) and 2 x 90 degree male microusb plugs for programming my duel vesc without opening my enclosure

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I used a step down converter and just a switch. Would be cooler if I could turn on/off the led with my remote like you.



Thanks for all the help :smiley:

Anyone know how i can change set the led lights color? want half the leds white and the other half red. The app i use now only allow me to set a solid color and it has a few presets, blinking in different colors. But nothing like i want it

The App i use now:


Always keep in mind that there will be heat created by any step down converter. I used this ubec in combination with my 10s4p battery pack to power 60 WS2812B leds. It acts as a step down converter but at the same time provides a clean 5V source. I use a chinese led strip where the max power consumption is 0.5 A at 5 V for 60 leds (all leds white) and the ubec warmed up to 40 °C. On avarage it’s something between 0.3-0.4 A

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