LED switch with Vedders Anti Spark

Hey guys,

So i just purchased this Anti Spark from @Martinsp

And I have this LED from on/off switch that i just recently fried:

Any chance I can make the LED switch work with the Anti Spark, since the LED has 4 cables, but the Anti Spark only has three soldering pads?

Thanks !

Short answer is yes

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Thanks @willpark16 for your answer!

could you just explain some of the wiring for me? I am assuming you just connected the LED + to the OUT + ?

then you have the switch + - on the left and right pads and the LED - on the center pad?

Actually that LED switch you posted has 5 wires, but mine only has 4?

Is urs only a 4 pin switch?

Yes it has LED + - and SWITCH + -, resulting in a total of 4 wires

Then just that

Can you explain where to put which wire?

Do you have a multimeter?

no :frowning:

I think that the LED is connected to one of the switch pads (negative) internally to the switch therefore you have 4 wires instead of one. but to prove this you need a multimeter.

Your switch has to have 3 pins. The Fechter/Vedder anti-spark uses a SPDT switch (single pole, double throw). The negative of the LED is wired to the negative of the anti-spark switch

Don’t hook up the positive of your LED to the positive of the anti-spark without an appropriately sized resistor, unless the LED is rated for that voltage. Many of the LEDs in those switches are only 12V or 24V, and can’t be hooked up to full pack voltage. I recently switch to a 220V LED switch, which works well for 12S at ~50V (not super bright, but also not dim)

If you dont mind having the regular switch and not the round one. And you care about the LED indicating that the board is on, it would be easier just to wire the LED and a resistor in series to the output of the switch and have the LED as a “separate” unit.

on the led it says

Ui:36VDC lth: 1A ZLQ-B48V

hm thats an interesting approach, as the led switch is kinda hard to press down with the thumb… not too practical. but i dont have a resistor

I will throw that in the package for you both the LED and the resistor of appropriate value. :slight_smile: Just tell me what battery pack you are using so I can calculate the value

Wow you’re amazing. I have an 8S battery with 8000mah

It is like 10 cents :smiley: Hopefully karma sees this :smiley: :smiley: (joke)

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Your LED switch will work natively with full pack voltage then

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