Legit DIY Onewheel XR GUIDE

You guys! it totally worked!

Just done with my diy onewheel project, it was super fun to ride, easy to make and cost is very little comapred to pint&xr, since i saw so many dudes struggling on a onewheel build, i’m gonna share how to do it the simple way.

PART LIST here we go.

1.Phub-188 48v 800w hubmotor with tyre bough for $112 on ALIEXPRESS

2.DIY 12S1P SAMSUNG 40T BATTERY PACK $60 (177wh)

  1. 2x Customize CNC space grey anodized aluminum rails ~$120 ordered from local CNC shop

  1. 2x CNC milled aluminum underpads ~$75 ordered from local CNC shop

5. 2x CNC milled wood footpads made from my fathers wood hanger factory

Dish shape double concave designed to lock foot in for carving.

  1. TRAMPA VESC6+ (onboard mpu9250) $175 bought long time ago

But I just checked trampa went little nuts asking for 236$ each, but no woreies later i will design my own vesc 6+ specially for diy onewheel, will sell for like 100bucks, for now lets use trampa.

  1. 3D printed front&rear bumper

    total cost is around $500

GUIDE to be continued a detailed video tutorial is being edited by my friend, should be able to come out soon on youtube channel: Enginir

I drove up to a nearby city to meet up with 6 onewheel owners, let them tried the diyonewheel i made, after several ride and pid tuning on the vesc tool, they said the feeling is 80% close to the onewheel pint, but sharper, not as floaty due to the phub-188 tyre profile being too “pointy”( the contact patch is not as wide as the tyre in the pint) but it definately has more fun when carving and maneuver in tight corners. they also own dandan,actually everyone of them bought dandan D2, they said the dandan is no where close to this diyonewheel in terms of balacing strategy(huge thanks to freedomcaller, he wrote the balacing app on vesctool) , the dandan is extremely unstable and cause one of them to quit onewheel forever after hiting head after a serious nose dive on dandan.

several video about comparing the pint and xr, diy tutorial is expected in few days so stay tuned.

I also made several cnc parts and footpads, hit me up on [email protected] if u guys want anything as showed on the post.

and thank u all for taking ur time to check all those shitty picture lol.



Sorry I forgot to show u guys the footpad sensor set up It looks like this, a thin flexible pcb taped to the footpad, and 2 sheets of velostat on top of it.


@NuRxG @Fungineers

That’s really sweet, looking forward to seeing how it performs!

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Well here comes the video lol


This is the best looking DIY onewheel I’ve seen, looks awesome. Can’t wait for more details, I’ts one hopefully I’ll be able to build


Anyone want the kits its here lol https://diyonewheel.com/

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just made some fenders for this project, looking sharp, and put led strip on ,also look sweeet


The web shop is live my dudes!!! diyonewheel.com All forum members gets free DHL airfreight shipping!!! Plus a free bms pro when ordering the rail+footpad kit!!!

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How does that work man?

just simply place ur order the shipping will be like 2 bucks at check out

Do I have to add the BMS to my cart or will it be added without having to order it?

Hey Arieh, u dont have to add the bms to the cart, we will throw in free bms for each cnc kit ordered.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPyE2KMkT_0 stability show off lol

You have a Facebook page?

Just created one,The enginir

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AFK for a while, shooting the indepth video explaining the diy onewheel

Only thing worrying is a trampa clone has been done before, orders were made then the guy disappeared.

We have prepared for that so a new design which has the same bom to trampa v6.6 but different layout is under testing, yes this is a trampa v6.6+ 1 on 1 clone but we only produced 30 piece so should be good for now. The one u mentioned is escape right? for now u dont have to worry about this one, because ur order gets shipped in 24 hours by air, by the time trampa notices us u will be happy ridding onewheel lol.

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