LHB & NGV: Sword Board


unpacking the NGV gear:

I don’t even know where to start. So many mods still have to happen here. For now though, rest assured that my customer will be on a theoretical 65mph board shaped like an ancient electro-mystical mega-power-sword that would traditionally be used to defend the galaxy by an ancient and powerful giant robot.

Looks like i’m building the fastest skateboards in the world again.And they’re shaped like swords bitches! I’ll let that soak in while i get the party poppin’ in the shop an bitches panties droppin cuz i aint stoppin i’m weavin and bobbin like a hob goblin slobbin a knobbin what?


video of the board running on the bench. it sounds amazing.


that’s what I’m talking about. you could still disassemble the lipo to make a flat pack or get some custom MaxAmps 150C packs for a sleek look

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im totally unpacking those tattu cells.

Cool to see you working with NGV hardware. They’ve been posting teasers about their “Nextboards” on FB but have been pretty vague with the specs


they probably haven’t settled on a pack size/chemistry yet. The rail they sent me was only big enough to hold maybe two 2.5ah, maybe 5ah 6S lipos. That’s not a lot of watt hours for a next generation vehicle. This deck pictured here looks like it was designed around the same concepts but could hold much more lithium. I’m having to do something similar by combining aspects of their mounting/cooling system in with my own enclosure system. The end result i’m sure will be reminiscent of engines poking out of hoods while thier polished end result will likely look like an over budget government bomber project.

That’s what i love about esk8 building. So many takes on speed and riding in general.


I don’t care about all the electrical part : your custom made deck stole the show. Sick as hell !

Since @onepunchboard got me inspired on weird deck ideas I’ve been preparing stupid stuff but it will look cool. And have kicktails, because tails are cool.


wow, this board is sick!

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Thread changed to watching. Cant wait to see how this works out!

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Stoked to see the end result. That’d be badass if your board sent a new Guinness World Record!

Is Mischo Urban going to be the guinea pig again?

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Why NGV chose Bear Kodiaks over Precision Ronins will always confuse me. Why did Mischo let this happen??? Lol


over the course of the week i’m going to try and find exact specs on everything. I’m not even sure what the KV is on the motors. Basicaly my customer was in touch with Tone over there at NGV and sent me everything, my contact with them was minimal, but i do have info on this stuff in an email buried deep in the bowels of gmail.

The motors won’t spin up from a dead stop, so no launching from a stand still. Startup torque? basically zero if you look at it that way. The ESCs won’t even kick them in until you’re moving at around 1.5mph. You have to push start it. I was able to get them spinning on the bench by just twisting the wheels with the throttle down.

This is a very interesting build to say the least. i’ll be working on it more this week so i’ll post some pics as i get to different stages.


I’m thinking about doing that with my tattus as well, but I’m scared of death. There’s too many things I don’t own yet…

Let me know how it goes PLEASE!!

i got the specs from Tone:

  • motors are 180kv, 24 stators, 28 magnets on rotor.
  • They are specially build for NGV, they are sensored, but in high speed setups they don’t use sensors, so the sensor leads can be cut off. Fascinating, but … its hard to bring myself to cut them. Maybe i’ll bundle them instead.
  • The controllers are programmed so, that motors will not start until the deck is pushed to 1.5mph. That’s for safety reasons. I assume at 180KV they could get stuttery and unpredictable from an unsensored standstill.
  • Esc’s are 12S 100A with their own firmware. They are not VESC based. They look closer to what i’ve seen in things like Evolves and other boards with other ESCs. Except for the giant aluminum block heat sink that bolts to your truck.
  • Wheels are specially made for us, hardness is 80 shore A
  • remote is from Maytech - a basic one. the same I’m going to be using moving forward. They’re more ergonomic and pocket friendly than the Steeze and they look less like a sex toy, and have a more user friendly layout.
  • Trucks: we can mount our drive on any available trucks on the market. The customer chose Bear trucks. “We like Liquid fyre - but we cannot get them, Chris Chaput is so busy man.” lol

Lol…Liquid Fyres are awesome but your customer has a point…it’s a 3+ month wait to get the Fyres. His team is busy pushing out trucks for Jerry at CARVon.

This build is going to be interesting, to say the least. Maybe make a video when you are doing test runs :smiley:? When the build is finished, of course!


Ok that’s pretty cool that they fit any truck. Would put them on some precision caliber 2 mmmhmm. Are any other hub motors like this (fit on typical truck geometry)?

Ronins or Aeras would be insane…

Its about time the industries start merging together.

Thanks for all the info! Are these using standard 8mm axles?

It looks to me like the trucks were machined a little, so i have to asume they mean any trucks can be machined to fit, which seems obvious now that i think about it.

They look like standard truck axles, yeah.


That’s actually a gallery on instagram, tons more pics there.

Final product:

fucking insanity.

it shipped tonight. God help us.