LHB Phat Matson Deck | 10S4P 360 Wh 18650 w/BMS | Ollin Vescs | Enertion Single 190kv 6372 & Mount | 83mm Flywheel Clones

Another custom build is coming! This time they want the Phat Matson and they want it all white on black. Black deck, white wheels, raw trucks, raw mounts, black box, you get the idea.

What makes this one interesting other than the kick ass shape and color scheme is its a single drive for a goofy stance, so i’m doing wire channels accordingly.

stay tuned.


Business is booming!

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two orders in less than a week. I’m going to need more Sterilite containers. And beer. Definitely more beer.

Also i feel like there enough room directly under my new work bench for a custom XCarve install. I need to do some more measurements and research, but i feel like i could do a custom rig with a much longer and narrower rail set/work bed that could potentially do not only my wire channels but also my truck bolt holes and possibly cut the entire deck out after its done with that. Then i could flip it over and do the flat spot on the bottom and maybe even figure out wheel wells.


@longhairedboy Love hearing this! Congrats!

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hell ya! let me know if you got any questions…

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@longhairedboy This is awesome news!!! Keep em’ coming man!! :thumbsup:

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just cut out the phat matson last night along with another scarlet since the one for my other build thread was warped and i threw it away in a fit of esk8.builder.rage

both are sanded and drilled and ready to go back into the xcarve cave this weekend, then i’ll get to stain and finish them with the most beautiful wire channels i’ve ever done. I can’t wait to get into that epoxy. glass grit on top and these decks will be just mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

parts have started arriving so more esk8 porn coming, and i’m going to be building another power pack for this so that will be here too. I’m using the 18650s and BMS from the group buys we did not too long ago for the 10S4P that’s going in here along with a smaller 2 Amp charger i got a while back. Guess i’ll have to buy more cells for myself some time soon!

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that is fantastic!.. not many people would believe me… but i really wanted this forum to be the foundation for people to grow their business from… I love that you can do something that you love in the comfort of your own garage & make a buck or two! I hope that more people follow in your foots steps and start creating their dream machines and living happier lives…

I still believe that we (the diy esk8 builders) can become the “common” option for people who want electric skateboards.


p.s. i have nothing against boxes.


We’re flipping global tables bro!

custom boutiques are an awesome model because we can stay small and agile operationally and stay really involved with the community while staying on the bleeding edge of what’s possible tech wise to keep things interesting.


parts are arriving!

The white on black color theme starts out with white wheels. They’ll be going on raw caliber IIs which will also have a raw Enertion mount clamped to them, so really its going to be white on black with raw and blue accents, due to the pulley and motor frame both being blue. I’ll probably use white bushings as well.

I may upgrade this guy to a 4 Amp fast charger but for now i’m using a 2 Amp 10S charger with this BMS.

That’s 40 Sammy INR18650-25R cells, 2500mah each, in a 10S4P config for a total of ~360 watt hours.



so i did this deck at the same time i did the otherone, and here are the pics:

White wire channels since this build is white on black:

filled with that delicious WS 105/207 resin, let it harden, then sanded it down. After that i went back with the detail brush to stain the tiny bits:

top down view, including the Scarlet i was working on at the same time:

down the deck view. The white really pops on that flat black stain. I kind of love it.

And video of the completed deck with glass grit locked in to the clear urethane:

One particular note about this build. Its a goofy stance. The motor is under the left heel, because you want the single drive wheel under your heel. This guy did his research and specifically asked for it. I may not have thought to ask about his stance, but i will absolutely be asking from now on. One thing about custom builds is shit like this makes all the difference in the world, and it must be worked in from the beginning when running wires in channels like i do.


you really build beautiful boards :heart_eyes:

[quote=“longhairedboy, post:11, topic:2856, full:true”]The motor is under the left heel, because you want the single drive wheel under your heel. [/quote]

why is that? I had a single drive on both sides of a truck in the past and didnt notice a difference!

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Cool solution for connections !!

Resin is poured over with bullet connectors attached ?

i would also like to know

@longhairedboy we need facts and, pie charts.

no bar graphs please, they frighten me.

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Because I did notice a difference. On a 50mm motor, not so much, but a 63, even just a 6355, yeah i noticed a difference because my weight wasn’t on the drive wheel most of the time while i was dropping one motor on each side of my personal board trying to resolve the torque steering debate in my own head. Having it under my toe was weird. This guy is getting a 6372, so if he does notice a difference, it will be a bigger one than i did.

yep. Tap in the bullets, solder the leads, glue down the leads with regular epoxy so they stay put, then pour in the resin to lock everything under clear plastic.

I dont believe in that weight thing, because if you had your weight on one or the other side of the board, youd actually ride in circles the whole time. weight distribution should be absolutely even at all times when you go straight! :wink:

the only effect I can come up with is some sort of preferred turn side. for example I usually lean heelside deeper and heavier than frontside, which means in theory I should have my motor really on the heel side (cause toe side gets really light and the wheels can easily break loose). in those moments, when you lean as deep as possible on the friction limit of the wheels, you usually dont play around with the throttle of the motor, so then the side of the motor also doesnt really matter too much!

I noticed no difference while riding straight, not even on the big fat motors.

The difference i noticed was indeed while carving hard in turns. When i had my motor toe side, turning one way would not result in traction loss, but turning the other way would, and noticably. When i moved it to heel side, i could no longer tell the difference when accelerating out of turns, and i suspect its because a lot of my weight is still on my heel despite leaning forward.

its worth noting that the issue of torque steering and traction loss as a matter of motor placement is still a debate, and its one that a lot of people have simply dismissed. That may be because everyone rides differently, and stance plays a large part of it. We could literally discuss this forever because no one is ever going to have the exact same experience. That being said i would rather adopt a standard based on my own experience in a situation where it could go either way and often does for other people.

Buyer of the board here.

To me trust and visibility are the biggest obstacle DIY builders must overcome to become the “common” option – DIY builders definitely beat out the competition in other ways by simply making a better product. As far as trust and visibility goes, I think this forum helps a lot.

Honestly, I would have never heard of LHB if not for this forum. There’s a scarce amount of information if you’re coming onto the electric skateboard scene with no background - the only board with high enough visibility for the average consumer is the boosted board. Otherwise, you’re kind of stuck with random posts on reddit that try to aggregate all the options available and even then it just feels like there’s no option out there that checks all the boxes. That being said, this forum is big enough that I, a total novice buyer of electric skateboards, found it.

The forum does more than bring visibility, it is also a source of credibility and trust. I was choosing from a bunch of different options and, frankly, the custom build route scared me even though it looked like the best value. Without this forum it would be impossible to vet a builder without knowing them in person. LHB’s build threads and consistent presence on this forum really gave me enough confidence to wire LHB, who is stranger, a big wad of cash.

Anyway, just my 2 cents – I work in the startup space so buying a board this way is interesting to me on a couple of levels.

Really excited about the build and LHB has been great with the updates. Can’t wait to get the board!


This concept sounds a lot like snowboarding. You gotta catch an edge either toe or heelside. Am curious about whether or not this would be useful because of the kingpin. The force is going to be distributed downward on the kingpin, centered. Even on a really gnar turn, weight is still going to be on the center of the truck. Since it’s not like a standard axle assembly where weight is evenly distributed across the load, it won’t have the same turning reaction that a car might have. In a way, the kingpin consolidates the load and makes the two wheels behave as one. However, the vibration from the road will interract with each wheel independant of the others. That feedback could create the feel that you describe. Please correct me if I’m wrong!!