LHB Scarlet Black Metal Edition | 12S 430 Wh 18650 w/BMS | Ollin Vescs | Enertion Dual 190kv 6355 | 83mm Flywheeel Clones

This is a build i’m starting today. This is separate from my 10S build that will be coming soon, which was the result of our recent group buy on cells.

I was approached by a man with money and asked to build the most powerful board i can. This will be it. The turnaround will be three to four weeks, so GAME ON!

Deck LHB Scarlet Black Metal Edition deck with machine cut wire channels (@cmatson will be doing my channels for cold hard cash). I’m going to be using West System 105/207 resin on these channels for a glass clear potting. Inside the channels i’ll be using a red velvet fabric wet out with resin on the floor and walls of the channel, red wires, and polished solder points, then filling it over with resin, sanding smooth and polishing to a glass finish. The rest of the deck will be stained black, not painted. Red nebula background under the black LHB logo. Crushed glass grip on top to let everything show through. It’s going to be the most gorgeous fucking deck on the planet.

Power System 12S4P using Samsung INR18650-25R 2500mah cells for a total of around 430 watt hours, which should provide over 25 miles of range based on my personal experience with higher watt hour packs. My 6S 350 gets me 20 miles within safe discharge range. This one should still be cruising with a bag of skittles at the 20 mile mark.

Onboard BMS for simple charging, going to try and find a nice 4 or 5 amp charger so its not slow as christmas but also not filling the cells too fast. Opinions on this are welcome of course. Higher amp dedicated chargers cost more, and are often equipped with fans making them noisy, but i don’t want a terribly slow charge either. BMS will have soft switch functionality, but if it acts stupid like some of them do i might end up getting one from DIY anyway.

Drive System Ollin Vescs, Enertion motors, mounts and pulleys, but i reserve the right to use my newly acquired Evolve pulleys which are a 33 tooth HTD-5M and come in black, but will have to be modified for a 9mm belt drive system. This also means modified Caliber II trucks which i just made a video about. Most likely i’ll be using the black out trucks if i can’t find a black silk finish. I swear i saw some of those. So some of that extra 12S torque will go into that slightly smaller pulley than the 36T i usually use, so we should see some more top end.

Box Since I’m ordering the West 105/207 for the extra luxurious wiring channels, i’m going to use it on the box too because i would be a fool not to. I’ll most likely do a three layer box with two layers of fiberglass weave and possibly either a dyed GF layer or even a CF layer on the outside, i haven’t decided yet.

I’ll be posting as i get it done, most likely to instagram first and then here. Get ready for some glorious esk8 porn!

update customer wanted matching wheels so i gave him $40 bucks back and got him some clones which i think ride better than those hard ass abecs.


What are the current capabilities on the BMS and battery?

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My plan is to get an 80 amp continuous bms and limit the current in the vescs to 80 amps or maybe even 75 and see how it goes. its a 4P using 25Rs which have a stated sustained 20Amp discharge each with a 100amp burst each, so i’m limiting at the vesc and allowing the BMS a little breathing room while getting the most out of the cells without going out of spec.

That’s my hope anyway.

Sounds awesome! Over 400 wh and 80a cont. @ 12s. that’s what I’m waiting for to get me off the Lipo wagon.

@longhairedboy this is awesome thanks for sharing the process from start to finish! I love that you and @cmatson are teaming up!

I’ve gotta say that I’m similarly side-eyed about the Bestech BMS on\off switch. So I’ll follow with anticipation as you get it sorted out.

Also, if you really want to treat this customer, give him a modded GT2B… the ebay enclosure I just used is beautiful and comes in black.

Set that bms to 90 amps, still lower than the cells can handle during burst currents but high enough not to trigger under heavy acceleration.


That’s good advice, and i’ll take it. Thanks @chaka

And so it begins…

Rough cut is complete. Sanding is about to begin. My neighbors are going to hate me.


Fuck your neighbors! :imp: Put on your metal face and rock that shit!

Jk, but seriously, this sounds like it will be an epic build. Hope your customer has the skills and balls to handle this beast. :rocket:

didn’t get finished sanding last night, but i did get a glimpse of what the layout will look like.

was laying out the cells for my 10S4P pack for another build on this deck to see what 12S4P looks like on a 27" wheelbase. Here it is:

So this deck can take 12S4P in a single layer of 18650 cells with 2 rows of 24 if the VESCs and BMS float over them towards the back by the phase lead terminals, which means a nice thin box can still be had. And since its 9 ply i can probably make a nice flat spot for the cells without adding any flex.


I guess we’ll find out. He’s got a few of them already, and i believe he’s also waiting on a Raptor, so maybe he’s a pro. I sure hope so. I’d hate to hand him the keys and watch him tree his face.

I have found that a lot of people just have no idea what to expect from a boutique high performance esk8 like mine or Jason’s, even after they’ve ridden some of the more decent commercial options. They toss out speeds like 25mph because boosted or whoever tops out at that, and really have no idea what 25mph feels like because they’ve never really topped the board out completely or never actually achieved that speed because of their weight or what-have-you, and don’t yet know that 25mph is actually pretty damned fast on a board and that when you start approaching 30 on flats things can get scary. They have no idea what face peeling acceleration feels like when riding 10S or 12S and despite thinking they have a basis of comparison, they really don’t.

We like to compare it to downhill skating a lot because of the speeds we achieve and the methods we employ such as larger wheels and flatter, thicker decks and of course the gear we wear is similar if not the exactly same. But its not really like downhill when you can accelerate way faster than gravity would let you, hit the brakes any time you want, and accelerate out of turns like a race car.

If he’s never ridden a Raptor or anyone’s DIY board before, he’s going to shit his leathers on a tuned 12S like this one.

One of these days i’m going to build one so powerful that the customer has to destroy it because the world isn’t ready yet, but i think @chaka might be closer to that than I am. That crazy 12s6p power plant he’s got buried in his deck is just ludicrous.


Purchasing of parts has started happening. Hit up amazon for most of the hardware. 83mm Flywheel clones, 184mm Caliber Balck Out 50s, Bones reds bearings, red 0.5" shock risers, red 1.5" bolts.

Also picked up some stuff for now and later, got some West Systems 105/207 coming, 50ft of 12awg superworm, 30 feet of 10awg superworm, 1 billion craft popscicle type sticks for mixing shit in soufflé cups, and some SMD led light strips on reels and a 30watt LED driver for workspace lighting as i am also building a second bench this weekend on top of everything else.

Got a BMS and a 4Amp 12S ebike charger from batterysupports along with a decent 12S BMS

Just ordered the VESCs and a power switch and the cells are next on the list.

Hi LHB, First of all congrads on your work. I’m really looking fwd to see your masterpiece comming along. I have a quick question. Do the caliber II 50 need any modification (like the one you have demonstrated in your video) in order to accomodate the enertion motor mount and the new enertion nylon wheel puley with flywheels?

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yes. I forget off the top of my head how many millimeters it is of aluminum that you need to take off, but i think i mention it in my thread i posted with the video. IT will be slightly different for Enertion pulleys than Evolve pulleys thoough so you’ll need to measure it. @onloop may be able to tell you since he had the hangers modified for them. Also, if you ever decide to do that, pay attention to how i remove the chunk of aluminum after “feeling” my way to the steel with the cutting wheel. It will save you some time and effort.

I ordered the enertion 9mm pulleys for this build, but i may still modify my Evolve pulleys simply because they’re black. I haven’t decided yet. If i can find a way to cleanly remove about 6 or 7mm of belt surface from each of them while leaving a polished look, I’ll do it.

Also i just ordered 2 yards of carbon fiber, twill weave, because i feel like my experience with glass fiber cloth and polyester resin (that means Bondo) has taught me enough to do this with CF and have a clean result. 99% of this shit is technique, and usually moving into better materials makes using those techniques easier, so i should actually get better results than i have been. West 207 is a slower hardener, which means more working time which is a great thing, but it also means curing to full strength is going to take several days and not just several hours, which for my impatient ass will be an irritant, but not really a bad thing.

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Can’t wait to see this monster in the flesh.

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7mm :wink:

bla bla bla… 20

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50 INR18650-25Rs are headed to my house now. This is going to be epic. I can’t wait to fire up the spot welder.


50! I hope your customer is a pro athlete! According to my calculations 12s4p will allow him to ride about 600 billion miles between charges.


YEah its kind of ridiculous at that point. @chaka just reminded me that 12S6P is 666 watt hours, so while 12S4P will probably take you 30+ miles, 12S6P will take you all the way to hell. lol


666wh. Its too much metal for one board. Are you adding metal spikes to the wheels? Maybe the controller can emit a wilhelm scream from a little speaker when you turn it on.