LHB Witchblade AT in mostly black with some blue | FOAM GRIP | 12S | R-SPEC 190KV | VESC

I’m going to take some more pics of this board while the streets are drying since i can’t street test in the wet.

This board got a lot of attention on Instagram and people still keep asking about the MBS wheels i’ve been using on a few of these. I think i might ask MBS if they want to do a build, i’m sure it would get them a lot of attention as well.

This board has a foam grip surface by Obliged. At least i think that’s the name of the company,that’s what was on there before the vinyl started peeling off the silicone foam (nothing really wants to stick to silicone foam you know) and i removed it completely.

This beast is a dual rear drive with twin R-SPEC 190kv motors driving a 14/36 ratio that uses the Enertion pulleys that re inserted into 100mm MBS wheels. The 149kv SK3s were an aweful lot of torque on that last build that was just like this so i thought we’d try out these 190s on the same setup and see what happened. I suspect it will still climb a grassy hill but have more top end. Using these wheels on these new decks to build these crossover commuters is still kind of new. There’s a chance that 190kv may be too high and we might go back to the SK3s, or it also might work out just fine. If they turn out to be six of one and a half dozen of the other i’d prefer using the Enertion motors because of the keyways.

Anyway… Here’s the pics I have so far. I’ll post more later when i can get some better ones. These are the test wheels on here now. The ones it will ship with are also black.

the deck. I finally got my xcarve to do the holes for the bullets and not just the channels. Its much cleaner because the drill always seems to leave chipped wood, even the drill press.

Choppy chop.

I stopped and made some bling from my choppings. I asked @onloop if he could save his truck choppings for me thinking i could start a new line of esk8 jewelry but he says they come out of the factory that way. That just ruined my image of him out on the porch all night drinking beer and dremelling trucks while whistling patriotic australian tunes.

So then the deck got painted stealth bomber black and i tapped in the bullets.

here’s a shot of the black phase leads being soldered into the black wire channels:

some HR Giger looking shit right here

i make these tape walls to keep the resin from running everywhere when i fill the channels:

The box got the stealth bomber paint too.

except for the glossy blue stripe with my logo lettering in it. I like the way it looks, it really pops. And it ties in the mounts and motors.

and here’s the video portrait:

Something else this board has that are interesting is these bumper risers the customer sent me to use. I really like the idea of them, so i hope they last. They should protect the board from clumsy thumbs and aggressive walls, as well as allowing it to be stood up on its tail which is a point.

The postal scale has this build at 22 pounds, which is odd because the last AT build was 25 pounds. I think maybe the weight was off on the last one. I weighed this one like three times because it didn’t make sense at first.

Something this demonstrates is that i will use customer supplied materials. If they want something and they have it or will order it, they can send it to me and i’ll incorporate it. The foam pad and risers were sent to me by the customer and they worked out great.

My only concern with the foam is that i may need to go around and apply a stronger adhesive at the corners and edges as it seems like it might want to start peeling up eventually. I expect it will feel amazing on the feet and should still provide adequate grip. I don’t know how much it will actually reduce vibration, but we’ll see.


Beautifull Build !!, nice work!

Which excact SK3 were you talking about, don’t see any 6354 149KV,… only 260KV ?

@longhairedboy Amazing work, yet again. I especially like that deck shape. And the riser bumpers are something I had been thinking about making for a while. Do you know if the customer bought or made those bumpers?

i think he bought them then had them shipped directly to me. I’d have to dig through the emails to be sure. So many emails. lol

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The last one had two 6374 149KV SK3s. It could have probably towed my truck out of the mud.

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Is that a small LHB logo on the battery enclosure on the bottom left? Nice touch.

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yeah its a stamp i had made for… you know… stamping things. I stamped a lot of things with it, but then put it in the drawer and forgot about it until recently. lol

i have permanent white and black ink for it. Its kind of hard to get it looking right though.

What i really need is a serial number system. One of those punches that you dial in some alphanumeric characters and tap it into the wood with a hammer or something.



how thick are your wood sheets ?

Nice build! I wonder if those mbs wheels would fit on my spud board…

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Your work is amazing and your builds are always so clean looking. Mind me asking what you did before all this esk8 craze? Great job.

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you’ll probably have to add some risers. They’re offset though, so they’ll widen the stance which looks pretty cool.

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I’m an artist by nature. I paint, I sculpt, I draw, i make music, i do web design and development, i build crazy functional art. I’m a web developer/programmer professionally at the moment. I’ve also done some video work, print work, marketing materials and that sort of thing in the past and i’m pretty fluent in most of the Adobe products. None of my day jobs were anywhere as captivating as building esk8s though.


not 100% sure on that but i want to say its about 1/16"

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dude, you are an inspiration. you’re making me wet all over, just like that rainstorm in the background of your video.

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^^^ and here’s to hoping your sense of humour is as I think it is :wink:

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Nice. That thing is going to fly. My board will get close to 30mph on flat ground w/ 80mm wheels. 14:36 192kv SK3 on 12S.

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U r @lhrenaissanceboy!

Wow that’s looking good Someone’s next build has to be a Jetspud freeboard bindings and off-road wheels

Another awesome build. What is the grip on this board made of ? Is that foam grip ? If so, what is it called and how did you cut it and lay it so precisely ? Looks great.