Li ion Pouch cell (NOT LIPOS)

Iv’e noticed an increase in vanguard builds and also 18650 li ion cells. But is there a particular reason why you dont use more li ion pouch cells? They are thinner, have a greater form factor and can take up less space than a 18650. Check out these for example with these you could pay the same as for a 10s4p while getting the possibility of a flatter pack.

TLDR: Wrong Info

i said li ion pouch cells vs li ion cylindrical edit: not being rude

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well these are li ion pouch cells and i do beleive it does at 10000 mah

hahaha ok guys i dont think im making this clear im not saying lipos vs li ion im saying li ion pouch cells

Pouch LI-ONS are used in our cell phone batteries I’m pretty sure.

exactly and i have found some that discharge just as many amps as our li ion 18650s, so what inhibits us from using them @longhairedboy ik u have done some work with pouches and u too @barajabali chaka

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IVe used lipo pouches but never liion pouches.

yes but were they more or less complicated to wiring then 18650s, I would think easier because u just wire them in series and ur done

Same concept just different layout but yea

can you take a look at the cells above and let me know what you think about the idea of using these to make a 10s pack

If only they were higher discharge rate. Nice find. I’ve seen them before but not so cheap and with even THAT discharge ability. Actually that’s pretty high if its real.

1 Like 75a cont per cell theres ur higher discharge

Yea even the 10ah looks good. Really nice find. Cheap. Thin. …but if it’s the cobalt chemistry I wonder if ''tis any safer

i figure hteir safer than lipos and thinner than li ion only downside would be if they puffed inside enclosure, in my mind

Edit: i think for you they would be a good replacement for ur lipos while not having to deal with power limitations of li ion

Looks like they’re over 10 inches long - so would need to be stacked over 6s for a normal width deck?

lay vertical in two rows of 5 and u have a 50mm thick pack but still super compact

discharge rate isnt too bad for a longboard. 50 amp cont. The tabs look to be copper maybe? So you might not need aluminum flux core wire.

Should work out just fine

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haha i think ill give em a try if it works i think these could change the way we currently build our packs edit: do you think the cells will hold up as well as the li ion cells? From what ive read they can sometimes expand


Yea give it a shot. Worst case scenario is you burn your shop down…

hahah im kidding.