Life Span of Urethane Wheels

I currently have the 7 inch AT tires but I’m planning to get some 8 inch tires for a higher top speed. My first set of tires lasted 1000 miles. The 8 inch MBS tires look like they won’t last that long so I think I’ll finally try the 107s after that for more speed. Can anyone that has the 107s please tell me approx. how many miles they are getting per set?


I’ve got about 4-500 miles on mine. The drive wheels are just slightly coned without much wear beyond that, and the front wheels are pretty fantastic… Almost like the shine has almost just not gone away- still smooth. I’ll have to rotate them at some point soon to keep the wear even.

First thing I did when I got them was lightly drift them a bunch of times around a parking lot to grind away the shine and make them ride and slide more predictably… Since then I haven’t noticed too much wear.

I weight about 190lbs and I don’t ride too hard often. Only the occasional drift or slide a few times every few weeks, and light carving with mostly straights on mostly good to some okay pavent.

The edges of my wheels have very very small chunking, like micro chunks about the size of a quarter of a grain of rice down to mostly large grains of sand size chunks… Nothing major at all.


I’ve got 2500 + miles on 6 shooters with 6x2 wheels and they still look new when you wash them. I got about 500 miles out of evolve 7in tires before the radial started showing. I can’t really say on MBS 8in tires, haven’t ridden them very much. I’ve got somewhere around 4000 miles on a set of 97mm Flywheels and they still look great, no chunking, but I don’t slide on them.


6 shooters are just soo cool!

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I can’t wait to get my 6x2 tires… I’ve been waiting for two weeks now with no update beyond this: Screenshot_20180807-090534_Deliveries

I should have just paid a tiny bit extra and ordered from psychotiller… Great to hear they have lasted you so long so far! :smiley:


Sounds like the urethane wheels last much longer. I’m just about ready to skip over the 8 inch tires and go straight to the 107s. The cost to upgrade everything is a lot more but hopefully I won’t need new wheels as often and I want more SPEED!

I ride bike trails primarily so most of my trips are somewhat smooth. My calves get really sore though even on the pneumatic tires which is why I’ve been hesitant to switch to urethane.

Somebody please pump up the 107s some more so I can finally click this submit payment button!

The latest 107s have numerous reports of chunking problems. So although in theory 107mm of urethane should last you a lifetime, if they start chunking you’ll feel the need to replace much sooner.

Ugh chunking. I’ve never really ridden on urethane. I come from snowboarding which is why I like the pneumatics.

What causes the wheels to chunk more? Sliding? Never done that. I just want to carve and go faster.

Can you notice the chunks a lot while riding? Does it increase your chances of falling off?

Uneven pavement, cracks, holes, rocks, pebbles, going up curbs, so many things can contribute to chunking. It’s hard to tell, these wheels take a lot of abuse unless you live in an area with only smooth roads.

Sliding can contribute I guess, but I was not referring to that specifically. If you slide, forget about the lifetime longevity I mentioned, lol.

Not really, in my experience, they don’t affect the ride too much. They just look super ugly.

Take a look at this: [US] Abec refly 90mm - #13 by Eboosted - Wanted Items - Electric Skateboard Builders Forum | Learn How to Build your own E-board

These have an estimated 3000 miles on them and they perform just fine. Probably good for another 5000 at least. They just aren’t pretty to look at.


I assume those are the green superflys right? I could care less how they look.

From what I’m seeing online the greens ones are more durable. Is that right?

107s with a little over 6k miles measuring in at 104mm.




Those wheels have like, 10 months on the market. How the hell did you ride 6k miles already? haha

Easy, I’ve had them for a year, I ride alot.

If you want specifics. They were on my vanguard for ~4000 miles

And they’ve been in the Evo since I built it, which now has ~2700 miles on it. So really closer to 7k


well shiiiiit. Them black ones seem to have held up nice for you. I found some green 107 superflys but is there really any difference between the green and black ones?

Black pigment can weaken some urethane formulas, yes. But it’s impossible to say with certainty if that’s the case for ABEC11’s formula. Only their chemist would be able to confirm that.

The key to a superfly lasting is to constantly glue them.

I have 2 partial chunks, and hundreds of cuts. Every time I service my bearings,(once a week) I superglue all of the splits/cuts in the urethane.

Doesn’t matter what type of wheel it is. Thick thane will split. Some will chunk, but chunking is caused by splits. ABEC, Boa, MBS, doesn’t matter. If the thane is over 27mm it’s gonna split, it has no support structure. So glue them when you service bearings.


See all the hairline cuts? They all need to be regularly glued. Or they will eventually chunk.


@Deckoz curious, what glue do you use?

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