Lightweight MBS Pro 90, dual VESC, sensored c6364, belt drive, NRF

lmao are you running tkp trucks ?

Nope. MBS ATS12 mountainboard trucks.

wow, why did I never read this topic!? amazing stuff in here, love your swappable batteries and your vesc mods!! :grinning:


Nice to hear. As we are almost neighbors we should try to meet some time, as I want to see your amazing builds in real life.


Hey man, sorry to reply to an old post, but I’m playing catch up and have only found this today. Awesome, awesome build! Simply awe-inspiring. I love that you’re using these cheaper batteries to make these incredible packs. Having just searched for them I also came across these too:

Have you ever used them? Is it worth the extra cash do you think?

On a side note: should I be pushing for higher discharge too for steep hill climbs (dirt jumps) or will 20c be enough? I’ll be running 12s2p, dual VESC-X and SK3 6374 (either 149kv or 168kv).



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Haven’t seen those high voltage lipos before, but it looks like an interesting technology for the future.

As I’m running two of my 5Ah 20c batteries in parallel I also get quite high discharge rates out of them and can still ride them without issues after two years.

Also the hardcase packs are very convenient in comparison to the ‘naked’ lipos which demand for some protection…

My actual setup pulls around 130A for less than a second when you accelerate as hard as possible. Normal riding, even on the steepest hills is way less.

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I’m Thinking about taking them too. 6x for 8s3p which sould get me quite a punch with 2x max6 ESCs on a MTB

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Only one way to find out i guess :smile: Think I’ll bite the bullett and grab x6 too!

even better! 4€ more but more capacity and higher discharge!

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ah, i just saw you´re not in the EU :dizzy_face:

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:broken_heart: :cry: :laughing:

Damn they’re a great buy!

wow - 3D print > reinforced belt, assuming thats PLA 100% infill ?

Do you have screenshot of your VESC setup ?? I have not enough torque on my board…Easy to start on flat ground, but on grass, I have some difficulties…I need to quickly move my body. Hope you can help…

============== My config: Trampa Holy pro 35 dual motor OVERION: 6374-130Kv 3550W sensored 65 Amp max dual Vesc battery 12S10P li-ion LG-HG2

Screenshot of my VESC config…

woah, can you show your pack? That is one huge pack you got there then

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You are using very soft settings. Just raise the values for motor max = 60 battery max = 40 motor min = -50 battery min = -15

Motor max and battery max is for the beginning. You can also go higher there.

And set the temperature cutoff back to 80 and 100.

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@Ackmaniac do it need any 50A fuse to protect the VESC over drawing amps from battery and burn the chips? i wanna try using VESC on my MTB too, just worry fried it. using most on flat road.

The youtube video of my build Log…

One big 12s10P in 4 batteries: 6s5P.


@jul88 need so much of cap? What is the caps you using? how many pieces?

Very good protection for the electronic…I don’t know… it’s maybe too much…

YGE caps9 from

@jebe Yes just cheapo PLA with 30% infill…

@jul88 Your build seems to be very solid. Just raise your current values and it should run fine. No idea how much current your alien?? VESCs survive, but 80A should be ok.

I’m running 100A for motor and battery right now. Also tried 120A but fried a motor this way, so keep an eye on the temperatures.