Limousine | 55" Sector 9 deck | Dual Diagonal | 192kv SK3 | 10s4p | Chain Drive | Dual AXLE Vescs | GT2B Mod | Custom Enclosure | 90mm Flywheel Clones

I decided to finally make my build thread since all of my parts are starting to come in. I have a 3 day window open (Thanksgiving break) to do almost all of my build as I’m a crazy busy student/waiter/husband/father (as of a month ago) etc. before finals start. So needless to say I need to be locked and loaded! I live in Salt Lake City Utah if anyone is near and wants to ride soon!

The title says it all but I’ll list it out here with more description. Pictures and videos will come soon.

Name: “Limousine” due to the 55" deck. It’s like riding a snowboard. I fell in love with the deck after riding 46" and 28" boards. You can literally walk around on the board while riding I love it!

Dual Diagonal: I am doing a dual diagonal set up due to the length of the board and because the sk3’s won’t fit my trucks in a dual rear configuration. Dual configuration will ensure that there if I’m up toward the front of the board I will only have one wheel wanting to slip rather than both (as goes for standing toward the back of the board).

Motors: 192kv SK3 6473 from hobby king. After reading a bit I decided I wanted a 10s set up because I was worried about the problems many people with 12s seemed to be having (certainly not all however I wanted to be on the safe side). I saw several charts and things that told me around 190kv to 210kv would be good for 10s and I liked the price of the sk3’s so I ordered them from hobby king.

Battery Pack: I got the 10s4p from DIY electric skateboards diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-battery-epower-pack-10s4p-10ah-360wh/ because I wanted a good amount of Wh. Honestly one day I’d love to have some crazy 700Wh pack on a board but for now this will have to do. I went through over a month of trying to decide what lipo batteries, bms, led voltage indicator, charger, charging port, high voltage switch, etc. to get and finally after adding up the least expensive Lipo option with all of those other things included after shipping I would have been around $300 (or possibly more). When I realized I was within $100 of just getting a Li ion battery with EVERYTHING already assembled I literally laughed at my self out loud and ordered the pack from DIY. Them taking all of that work away and not worrying about exploding cheap lipos was worth the money ten fold. Why the one from DIY rather than the 10s4p space cell? A few reasons. 1.) I’d like to make my own enclosure out of vacuum forming ABS so I didn’t need the space cells enclosure. 2.) Might seem like a stupid reason but DIY’s has two USB ports that I’d love to have while at school or on the train. 3.) DIY’s pack came in at $400 even after shipping which was close but still less that $427 for the space cell.

Chain Drive: From reading this seems to be a forever long debate. I chose chain drive because I can machine my own sprockets and also because I don’t want to deal with breaking belts. I may change to belts at some point or use them on a different board in the future but for now I like the idea of chain drive. I’m using #25 chain I bought off ebay from a guy in Washington.

AXLE Vescs: I ordered two vescs ( from a company called AXLE and they have been SO cool to work with. They even ordered in specific connectors for the motors and battery just to make sure my vescs are ready to go. They answered all sorts of questions for me as well. I got two %100 guarantee warrantied vescs for $227 after shipping!

GT2B Mod Remote: I used this stl to print a new case for a gt2b I got on amazon. Simple. Love the grip. No replacing the location of the usb which was key for me being a novice in the way of soldering.

Custom Enclosure: I got 3 .09" sheets of ABS from a local company as scraps for $10 that I can use to for my enclosure with. Each of them is big enough but I will most likely need a back up. I’m finishing up my enclosure design on Fusion 360 and will cut the enclosure mold out of MDF on my CNC router ( them vacuum form it.

FlyWheel Clones: got these on ebay and I can’t believe how big 90mm wheels are as someone coming from 70mm wheels on my longboard! They are awesome! I’m certainly glad I didn’t go with the 97mm ones my hand was hovering over. I printed this from @JuniorPotato93 and it’s ingenious! I did a high quality solid infill print and it feels more than strong enough. Can’t thank him enough because he even sent me the files to edit the inner hub where I’ll be attaching it to a sprocket rather than using the belt teeth.

Motor Mounts: I’m getting my motor mounts from @korryh you should check out his mounts if you haven’t already! They look amazing and I can’t wait to get them!

Well there is my novel! Can’t believe how hard this one sucked me in. I saw a video of @VladPomogaev on YouTube building one of his amazing boards and it was all over. Here I am $850 later waiting for the rest of my parts to come in :joy:

Pictures and videos coming soon!


Sounds like a great build - chain drive sounds a bit over the top but I haven’t tried. You have done way more planning than I did for my first build. I guess if you only have 3 days you have to plan - at least we dont have to wait loong to see how it comes out. Good luck!

I was exactly the same mate, saw @VladPomogaev 's video with his carbon fibre deck with chain drive, decided on chain for strength and durability and went with that.

My build is here:

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Sup? Nice build!

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Sounds like it’s going to be dope. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Getting my CAD and CAM finished up for everything this week!


Cut the mold for my enclosure with my CNC over the weekend that I plan to have vacuumed formed soon with black ABS. Turn out exactly how I wanted it! Also got another one cut out for a guy here on the forum. They will turn out to be cool enclosures! If anyone is interested in custom molds PM me. Getting cuts this detailed on the CNC takes a lot of working time on my machine so it certainly won’t be free but I’m willing to hash something out if anyone needs something custom. As you can see I made a stupid mistake and hit “Go to zero” at the end of the final cutout pass with it zeroed 1/16" to low and made a gash in the second mold. Thank goodness it’s a mold so it’s nothing hard set silicone couldn’t fix real quick :slight_smile:


I also got this 55" beauty looking sleek as a limousine with a new paint job.


This looks cleeeean!

Well done!

Wow it looks huge. Can’t wait to see it with trucks on :slight_smile:

Coming along. Hopefully vacuum forming tomorrow or thursday!


I soooo want a CNC! how to justify work buying one…

You build your own like I did :slight_smile:

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Did you find any source to get the sprockets from before you machining them yourself?

I was having problems with the bits I had when cutting the sprockets so I ended up just ordering them on eBay. All for sprockets for just $23

Terrible lighting and greasy finger prints all over them but you get the idea :slight_smile: also the one furthest away looks like it has little dimples to the right of each mounting hole but it’s actually just the reflection of the mounting holes on the enclousure right in front of it. I thin they turned out great! I did two because I had enough plastic so I thought I should have a spare. The second picture is one I did for another guy here on the forum for trade with the motor mounts he gave me.


Also jeremywellindustry was the seller and I think that the sprockets are of awesome quality especially considering the price. And when you see “two pieces” on the sprocket you are looking at from him it really does mean two of those sprockets.

Can you comment about your own experience on the difference you felt riding belt vs chain driven e-boards?

I have never stepped foot on an electric longboard in my life. I saw one on a YouTube video and thought it looked cool so I started researching and building mine. When I get the chance to ride a belt drive board I will certainly comment on that because that can be very valuable to people trying to decide!

Got the remote printed and finished up. Just a GT2B mod that I added a new one off switch to. Feels great in hand. It’s on Thingiverse just type in GT2B and it’s a few models down.