Limousine | 55" Sector 9 deck | Dual Diagonal | 192kv SK3 | 10s4p | Chain Drive | Dual AXLE Vescs | GT2B Mod | Custom Enclosure | 90mm Flywheel Clones

Decently thin for a 10s4p dual vesc board.



Looks great!

Your trucks are backwards though


God damn that’s clean, and that’s just the enclosure! Do you plan on building boards for others or are you already? Awesome work sir!

You can fit the truce on that way. It actually lowers the profile of the board by a little. I have them mounted that way on a cruiser I like real low :sunglasses:

Fricken slick! Thanks for sharing the build sir!

Sure you can mount them that way… if you want your board to turn in the wrong direction

The pivot always faces outward, regardless if they are TKP or RKP trucks. This configuration is not going to work. Try it.

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I have a similar board (mini version) and wheel setup as The Limousine (10 x 39 and 90mm wheels). Are you expiriencing any wheel bite? I just bought myself some 1/2 inch risers but wanted to know your perspective.

I have 3 boards this way and they work perfectly. Maybe it’s the type of truck? I’ll try and turn em around to see the difference.

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Those are TKP trucks. The kingpin should be on the inside of the board. You are likely using RKP (Reverse KingPin). As the name implies, the kingpin is reversed from a Traditional Kingpin truck

@Kaden56, I hate to say it but you need to flip your trucks around. And unfortunately it looks like your motor mount is not going to work, unless you mount the motors outboard


I gotcha! I probably do. LOL, and if not I betterment check which ones are which. Glad you pointed that out.

You mind me asking if the Caliber II 50 degree trucks are TKP or RKP? I’m actually not sure as these are my first pair of caliber. I’ve always had Bear trucks which I believe are reverse. Thanks!

RKP: Caliber, Bear Grizzlies, Randal, Paris, etc

TKP: Independent, Bennett, Polar Bears, etc.

Decent diagram if you ignore the poor translations, haha


I was just about to message you back. Yup, after switching them around they’re defiantly reverse, LOL! Awesome diagram, saving that pic to a folder. Thanks brotha.

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Hahaha o man I put them backwards when I put them back on the board! Shoot I’ll have to file down the other side of the truck now hahaha. O well it won’t take more than 20 or 30 minutes. Thanks for the heads up I must have been absent minded that day!


I don’t plan on building for others, other than enclosures might be a realistic thing for me to do in the future. It would be fun because with my CNC router people can design their enclosures however they want with text and holes and things and my CNC can make the mold. I’ve never ridden an electric longboard before though so I’m excited to get this build done by next week! Hard to spend much time on it when I still have my differential equations final left to take :frowning:


I don’t know that I am going to have room for the motor when I swap the truck around because I can’t slide the motor back in the mount without ordering more chain and sizing it again which I’d rather not do. Instead I ordered caliber trucks that should arrive on friday. I’ll be off school come thursday afternoon so I should be able to finish up this build and take video and pictures and things by monday or tuesday next week! Can’t believe it’ll finally be done!


@Kaden56 It would be so awesome if you could make molds for the people that want to vacuum form their own enclosures! I still have to learn how to use a CAD software though :sweat_smile:

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I’d love to buy a mold from you to make an enclosure in the future. That’s nuts to me that you’ve never ridden a board before! You’re gunna have a great time just take your time. Anyhow, great checking out your ride and good luck on your final! :nerd_face:

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Hahaha CAD learning just = time time time. I wish everyone had solidworks cause thats the easiest cad to learn and it’s also a WAY powerful program.