LITTLE BRO | Trampa HS11 Deck | ETOXX Mini Direct Drive 1:4 | Trampa 6.5" AT with Superstar Hubs | Vertigo trucks | APS 6374 170KV Dual | Dual VESC6 | 12S4P Sony VTC 3120mAh

I’m a keen snowboarder, Brit living in the French Alps for almost a decade now. Unfortunately I only bget to do this 4/5 months of the year and get massive withdrawal symptoms, until I discovered Electric Skateboards.

After 3 months of soaking in the a vast amount of knowledge, advice and and opinions on this forum I’ve started on my build. Before I get started a special shout out to @Nowind on hisawesome Mini Direct Drive and @Eboosted for the sleek enclosures he makes, and both for the build threads they have posted on here.

Anyway, here are the guts and all of the build.

Tramp HS11 Deck Eboosted enclosure Trampa 6.5" AT Superstar Wheels ETOXX Mini Direct Drive Black edition Trampa Vertigo Trucks, (Rear Hanger Machined by @Nowind ) Dual APS Alien 6374 170KV motors 12S4P Battery using Sony Konion VTC Dual VESC6 esc Supower 12s 60A BMS charger 2 amp, 12s, 50.4V NANO-X hand controller 2.4Ghz BT UART module

Photos of the build so far coming up…

Hey Guys and Gals


Looking forward to see the build!

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Sick and great project, also looking forward to see the finished build!

AFAIK these motors are rated for 10s max., maybe someone could chime in who already used them with 12s?

Is this gonna be a street build? Looks pretty damn sweet with Jenso Drives and Alan’s enclosure :slight_smile:


Yeah totally street cruising, will leave the off road for the winter !

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one of @nowind builds used these motors with a 12S, but would be great if someone could confirm. cheers

I’ve run the 6384 170kv up and down the street on a 12s lipo to test it out. Seemed fine to me. I’d imagine the 6374is using the same strand count…

At least on APS homepage all 63mm motors are rated for 10s max. except the 6384 which is 12s max.

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I really pounded these APS 6374 170kv motors at 12s for months without any issues, they are amazing

Amazing build man, it’s definitely the next generation Pho3nix, the grip tape, the direct drive and the battery boards are sick improvements! Can’t wait to see it finished, you will love the ride


Hey thanks Alan, the Pho3nix is an awesome build and I was very much influenced by it. Looking forward to your next build as well.


Hey folks, had a few enquiries as to where I got the PCB holders. @Kug3lis is selling them on his website

Hey guys, little advice needed on soldering 12 gauge wire. I have put the solder spots on my PCB holders, solder on the wire itself. When I come to soldering the wire to the solder spot on the board it is not holding. I’m a novice when it comes to soldering, but have watched a few tutorials so not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’ve attached photos of solder I’m using, solder iron etc. A couple of connections have worked but it’s a real struggle?

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What power is the soldering iron? Doesn’t look high enough, you need to be able to heat more of the surrounding metal to get the solder to flow and adhere better.

Hi Jonathan, The solder Iron can heat up to 400 degrees plus? Its not the best I’ll admit and was quite cheap off of amazon

Do you think I should invest in a better quality soldering iron?


Would recommend getting some flux; as in the tub of brown gooey stuff. I know the solder has some small amount in it already, but I was amazed by what a liberal application of flux would do.


Flux is a good idea, and you may just need to hold the tip on it for longer. You can usually tell when you’ve got a good solder job, it flows different to when you have a cold solder joint.

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thanks for the tip, will give it a go :+1:

Forget that cheap solder, it’s typically lead free. You want with lead…


Your iron says it’s adjustable, you have it to set to the Max?

not to the max, just below. I will set it to the max