Live Seminar: How I sold $2 million worth of ESK8 gear in 24 months


learn the 5 key strategies that made enertion a successful business


1. Are you trying to start a business selling DIY electric skateboard parts? 2. Have an existing business & want to get tips on boosting performance? 3. Want to get an advantage over your competitors & dominate your market?

I’ll be going live on Facebook at 8:30AM on Thursday the 13th July to explain the 5 Key strategies that helped make enertion a successful business in the electric skateboard industry.



Here are the reasons I plan to give away all my secrets of success.

  1. The first reason is that I am taking my business down a different path, I will no longer be selling parts for the DIY builders of the world to make their own esk8’s - let me elaborate on that further, I will be selling some stuff: FOCBOX, NANOX and a few other spare parts for Raptor customers, chargers, wheels etc. I can’t stop people buying this stuff and building DIY but we won’t be dedicating resources to customer support for these items if used in DIY. Our focus will be Raptor customers & The complete electric skateboard industry from now on. In summary, I really want to leave the DIY world on a positive note and hopefully what I have to say can benfit the entire community, without this community I’d have nothing.

  2. Reason number two; This is also related to me leaving the DIY community, Enertion continues to get hundreds of enquires from builders who want to buy our DIY parts, which obviously we won’t be selling anymore. So our plan is to refer our customers to the best vendors in this community. I want to be confident that I can recommend my customers to buy from legit vendors who are geared up to succeed and further drive this industry as enertion did over the last few years. Basically, I want the DIY industry to continue to flourish and I want the core vendors to succeed. If I can help other vendors succeed and grow the industry that would make me very happy.

  3. Reason three; This is probably the most concerning part, I am tired of seeing vendors fail! Lately, there have been lots of bad deals going down and it is giving our community a bad reputation, It’s really not cool! I can’t easily stop people from selling on this forum and even If I could I probably wouldn’t because I do believe in a free market. However, what I can do is try to help some of the up & comers develop better strategies on how to grow their business and make better products.

So if you need help be sure to tune in, the first 30-40mins will be all the juicy secrets, followed by 60mins of Q&A

P.S. Here’s an early tip, Don’t ask me for any money, Just because I sold $2Million doesn’t mean I’m rich, I spent all the money on the business, building it up, so I can take on the big players, feel free to ask me about this during the Q&A


This is pretty cool, I will defiantly tune in as there is always room to grow and gain more knowledge. Thanks for doing this!


I’m going to attend. Are you giving away free cruises or notebooks?


Just raw hard truths… No fluffy stuff sorry :wink:


Haha! I’ll be there brotha.

Interesting…why not youtube livestream on your channel though Jason.

I like Facebook better… Not sure exactly why… I tend to think Facebook is more interactive…

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Fair enough I’m not on there anymore! Will you be uploading to youtube after? Or maybe both at the same time livestreamception!

U da real MvP Jason. Congrats on your success. Keep pushing it!!

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Ok just to make sure cause I’m dumb…

What date and time would this be in California…

This time travel thing always fucks me up

wednesday at 4pm


looking forward to it!

will the video be viewable after the live event has finished?

it will be midnight here in the UK so concentration might not be at optimum levels :slight_smile: So it would be awesome to be able to go over the material again later with a fresh head…

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Yes. Video can be watched later. You also see the user questions appear in correct timeline etc.


And here on the East Coast of the USA, my dumbass sees Jason posting 15 minutes ago and thinks I figured out his #1 secret to selling $2 million worth of eSk8 product in 2 years ( The one he’s not going to tell you)…

#1.) wake up at 4:30 in the freaking morning, go to bed at midnight”

Then I realize I just need to go back to bed, yeah he’s in Australia and I obviously went to an American public school :slight_smile:

Great idea Jason !! I’ll be checking this out too

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awesome! thanks

I’ve been a long-time reader of this forum, registered an account just to reply. Not that you’ll miss me, or that it really matters to anyone else, but I don’t BookFace. Never have, never will. I find their business methods disingenuous and I don’t have one iota of trust in them. I won’t register, view or participate in any activity on their platform.

Whereas I would have enjoyed viewing your Webinar, the platform precludes my participation. Surely, I’m not the only person who doesn’t participate in that platform. But thanks your your informative posts over the years, best of luck.


Haha… Sounding like an old guy there Fred! No offence… :wink:

But pretty much everything on the internet is trying to track you and steal your data…

You have an Android or apple phone? They also track your every move. They even say your smart tv track you too…

Facebook just happens to be the best platform for this type of live content… So that’s where we do it.


I’ll probably talk for about 30-40mins about the key strategies…

then i probably have around 10-15mins to talk about other stuff before questions, is there any specific things you guys want me to discuss?