Loaded Vanguard a-like Decks are back!

Hiya all! I was just wondering to see if anyone would be interested in some handmade (by me) loaded vanguard style decks? I have made these in the past with a press and they have come out amazingly but I stopped doing them for ages and wondered if anyone would be interested in buying any? because for budget builds these are fucking awesome. I’ll upload some photos tomorrow of a deck that I made a while ago that hasn’t been sold yet and I am currently using one of these decks myself on a boosted clone build. I’ll enclose some images to this thread if people want. Shipping around the most of Europe is something around €9. The decks are made of Canadian ply but do have a bit of flex but it’s just the right amount. They will be arched a bit (I don’t know the technical term) and they wouldn’t have a concave on the top. I can sell them in bulk for a cheaper price and for one single deck it’s going to be around €25/€30. On the last decks I made, each deck took me around 3 hours of hand work (excluding the press time) so I’m really not making much after the expense of wood and materials! I’m just trying to give a little back to the community for everyone helping me so much over the time I’ve been apart of this amazing family!


pics plz…


@GrecoMan patience :yum:


I like the idea but would be nice if you make it with a bamboo sheet on top and bottom and me middle ones Canadian maple

It’s a realt good idea and when i first planned to build the decks, I had that idea in mind. But if I did this then i would have to sell them for around €70, and at this price, a real Vanguard may as well be purchased

Would you ship internationally? Or would the shipping costs kill the value?

70€ is not cheap… Loaded vanguard goes around 175usd I made some skateboard decks while ago with roarockit system and is really easy to use. They offer 1/16 sheets/ veneer of canadian maple cross and long grain and bamboo long grain, and better price if you buy bulk.

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You cant use thin veeners because your deck would end up a lot heavier than loaded’s vanguard…What loaded uses is 1 piece of vertically laminated bamboo…

@Charster10 do you plan using bamboo? because I dont think you can get in 30 euros with that, maybe if you wouldnt use fibreglass, but I wouldnt do that :slight_smile:

At the moment I’m not planning on it, just staying with my can ply for now.

Photos of the decks are uploaded now. Enjoy.

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Yeah thats not bamboo :confused: How flexy are they? How thick is the deck? Weight? Does it have a concave, doosnt look like that…Any camber?

The decks just over 1cm thick. It is a little flexy but is rather stiff. I can’t remeber the weight, I’ll weigh it up when I have time

At that thickness you should start thinking about making them with cutouts and an integrated enclosure.


I’d be able to do this easily, well I would be able to make he cut outs. The enclosures would have to be made by someone else or the buyer

Ok and what kind of wood are they made of? Do you use cross grains? What about the camber and concave? are there any?

Edit: You answered concave and camber in the 1st article…

Canadian Ply. It’s a nice solid wood, but the finish is beautiful once sanded

Canadian plywood? What magic is that? Is it made of douglass fir? Because I found more versions of canadian plywood.


Thats what I thought :joy: Canadian ply haha

It’s just the material I get from my local wood shop

That doesnt explain what kind of plywood youre using :joy: