Loaded Vanguard, Caliber II 44, Custom 10S4P, 3D printed Enclosure, ABEC 11 97mm 75A

After a lot of researching I ended up changing all parts, here is the updated log at 02/12/2016:


  • 1x Male to Male
  • 1x CanBus
  • 1x XT90 Parallel Connector

  • [Torque Boards V4 Dual Motor Mounts] (diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/v4-63mm-motor-mount/) US$ 32.89 x 2 = US$ 65.78

  • 36T ABEC Pulley Combo Kit US$ 46.99 x 2 = US$ 93.98

  • [V4 Caliber Clamp (Only)] (diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/v4-caliber-clamp/) US$ 32.50 x 2 = US$ 65

3D Printed Custom Enclosure for 10S4P By @jackw

What I expect:

This was my original post 15 days ago:

This is going to be my first build, hope you guys could help me choosing the correct parts, sorry for the newbie question

45km/hr top speed Dual brushless motors setup 40kms range (25 mile) Hill climbing 25%

Parts selected so far: 10s4p LiPo battery 2 Turnigy 260kv motors Dual Enertion VESC-X Low profile battery enclosure (looking for a stealth one) 97mm 75A Flywheels Enertion pulley kit


motor kv is too high, you’ll want 200kv or less. The space cell battery enclosure is pretty sleek and thin, I use 2 of them.

I guess you say 260kv dual motors would draw too much current for this 10s4p battery, so I’d need a 12s at least?

There’s a 190kv motor available, if I use 10s4p with 2500mAh each cell, would that be a good setup?

It’s not that it’ll draw too much current, you’ll toast your VESC by breaching the eRPM limit. 60k is the limit for the VESC.

190kv on 10s is the gold standard for belt drives imo, so you’ll be good with that.

Thanks for your help, but I’m really eager to know why run a 190kv dual motor instead of a 245kv. If I’m looking for a higher torque and speed?

If I use the Enertion Space 4 battery case, it should go up to 80A as it’s a 10s4p setup and the VESC-X does support 80A.

You can do whatever KV you want, you will just fry your VESC. Simple as that. If yo want 245kv at 10s/12s, just don’t use VESC. @Jinra just wanted to protect you from a 400$ “OH F***, I fried it” learning process.

VESC fries over 60k ERPM. 36V2607=65520=DEAD 42V2607=76440=DEAD 42V2457=72030=DEAD


this is going to depend on your gearing the most. unless you use a kv that high then you will zero torque… :grin: 190kv are the most popular for a reason.

Thanks guys! I’m starting to get it. However the cost is starting to sore.

I saw the Enertion R-SPEC 190kv 6372 motors but they cost $ 220 each, so $ 440 for just the motors plus the rest of the parts went above my budget.

Would there be a lot of difference between the R-SPECs and the Turnigy SK3 6374 192kv? those are $ 79.96 each

@Jinra would i be able to run a 320kv motor with a vesc and a 6s setup?

@jrpwit im just checking round because i have already got my setup working but going to upgrade my esc to vesc and i dont want to buy another motor

Well in your case yes! 320 kv is good for 6s but It will draw lots of current up hills.

these are even cheaper, and just as good as rspec…

Just make sure you don’t push it if it seems to be struggling. If you’re going 5mph up a hill at full throttle, you’re probably going to blow something.

Thanks everybody for the input.

I’ve updated my list, hope to get feedback from you guys.

Does this build sound ok to you?, is there anything I’m missing?

Everytime I start to research I end with more questions than when I started:

  • I couldn’t find a slim enclosure for the battery pack, are there any low profile enclosures available for it?
  • Do I need 2 VESC?, One for each motor?
  • The Turnigy SK3 6374 192kv has 2750W the DIYER 6374 190kv has 3150W, would there be a lot of difference in performance?
  • The battery pack I selected would force me to get a stiff deck, however I like the feeling of the bamboo, are there any 10S4P flexible battery packs with enclosures?
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Sk3 6364 245 kv will work well with a 10S , that is what i use without a problem.

You can allways set a ERPM limit in the Vesc .

Turnigy SK3 6374 192kv is also great motor for a single setup !

What about for a dual setup? Would you still use the same motor?

Few things.

  • Don’t buy nano controller.
  • Use Caliber II trucks instead of Paris.
  • I think those motor are overkill unless you weight over 100kg. Two 6355s will be more than you need.

And yes you need one vesc per motor. There are few threads about enclosures.

I’ve added GT2B remote with @Mastercho mod instead of the nano controller.

Caliber II trucks instead of Paris and two 6355s

My built is changing everyday, but for the best, thanks for all the input from you guys.

Here is the latest list:

Unfortunately, I still don’t know how to fit the dual motors on the rear track as there no enough space to fit them as the track is too short.

Another doubt is I’m not sure if I should go with the 6355 192kv 3250W or the 6374 190kv 2500W motors

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