Long term reliability of Enertion FOCBOX running FOC

I’m about to start a build using 2 FOCBOXs (bought when they were still VESC-X) and I intend to run FOC. I’ll be using a 10s3p pack and dual 190kv 6355 motors and limit current at 40A (20A each). I’ve searched the forum and there’s not much info on people running FOC with Enertion’s FOCBOX. I’m hoping experiences will have been positive. I mean, FOC is in the name of the product!

So can you chime in with your experience running FOC on Enertion, both good and bad?


No bad only goodd the vesc x has been perfect in foc in 10s

ill let you know my focbox’s should come sometime next week to replace my old enertion vesc’s, i have a raptor dual which is identical to your build, i want to try FOC mode too.

Almost 9 months 12s FOC on Carvon hubs… zero issues


I’ll follow for sure.

Thing you all need to note is KV of motor? Lower KV like hubs definitely is an advantage.

I just setup my first FOC setup on 149kv 8s (might eventually go 10 or 12s).

Love the silence!

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Updated original post - running 190kv 6355 motors with 40A total max current (20A each motor).

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Who is runing FOC on Focbox on 12s with no issues and for how long have you been runing it?



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I have a Trampa street carver with dual 6374 and I recently upgraded to Focbox, I wonder if runing FOC could be too risky

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I’ve heard from a couple people that it’s “FOC-proof” and has a transistor that shuts off before anything can burn the DRV, but I’m not sure about that claim.

I had an issue yesterday, one Focbox could not make motor detection and threw an ABS overcurrent fault. So instead of burning the DRV or shunts some audible “clack” noise maybe some kind of thermoswitch activated and prevented the Focbox from frying.

This happened while runing as well. At the end the issue was a faulty Focbox, but just to confirm there was indeed some kind of protection that saved the DRV

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nice to know, though still sucks that it can potentially shut off mid ride, but I guess it’s good for people to see if they can even run FOC on their setup.

I swear I think I’ve written that phrase like four of five times in the past month or so

Well, this protection is nice but yesterday I had a fucking scary nightmare, when I went to test the board, I gave it full throttle and the protection activated, this caused one motor to kept spinning for 3 seconds, it pushed me sideways, even though I left the throttle go, almost loose control buy fortunately was able to save it.

Nothing is more scary than being riding a board at full speed and not only loose your brakes but lock one motor at full throttle for the longest 3 seconds of your life

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Wow that’s crazy and seems like a huge design flaw. VESC should never lock at full duty cycle… I’ve seen some crappy remotes do that, but haven’t heard of the VESC doing that. What remote were you using?

I was using a mini remote, but that was not the issue I can definitely confirm the bad FOCBOX locked on full throttle, I also replicated that on the bench.

After replacing the Focbox with a spare one the lock didn’t happen anymore

It seems that @Eboosted had a faulty FOCBOX; so hopefully it was a manufacturing glitch and not a design flaw inherent in the product. Is that your impression @Eboosted ?

I run 190KV TB6355 on 10S using sensored FOC for 4 weeks now. Im not babying the machine at all and its been 100% reliable so far.

I’ve run my 10S dual-R-Spec in FOC through Snow, Forest, Rain, 20%-Hills and Shit and it’s working fine

I suspect that FOC reliability is heavily tied to eRPM, which would be why people running FOC on hubs don’t have any issues. At 10s w/190kv motors you’re running at about 45-50k eRPM after inefficiencies.

I wonder if I’ll counter problems when approaching 60k on my 230kv 10s board. I hit about 55-57k erpm on this setup.