Long throw headlights, what has worked best for you? Shredlights (etc), Bike Lights, Flashlights, custom?

Looking through the https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/eskate-lights-thread/199/354 there are tons of different ways to achieve headlights. Though whats the visibility range you all are getting? I’m looking to purchase some lights but I need a simple setup with far throw say at least 20ft due to the trails I ride at night plus its just gives you a bit more confidence when riding at speed.

Recently I purchased: https://www.ebay.com/itm/SolarStorm-15000Lm-3xXML-T6-LED-Head-Bicycle-Bike-Lamp-Light-Rear-Light-16000mAh/322656749160?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=511675710648&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649

which I really like, comes with a 4 cell pack and all metal casing plus it’s super bright and has a decent throw of about 15ft mounted underneath and three brightness settings. Problem is that is will require some effort mount. There’s no clean or easy solution. I’ve learned that these lights have to be extremely well secured or they will vibrate loose, so I’ll have to design and 3D print something which will take some time (on the plus the electronics are super simple).


So what kind of illuminated range are you getting with your setup? What are you using?

BTW, I’ve tried a few different cheap led flashilghts but they’re basically just good enough for alerting pedestrians, not avoiding pot holes. Plus some have completely died from the vibrations.

OFF TOPIC : your thumbnail looks like Slender man

On topic : I’m pretty interested in light solutions too :thinking:

I carry this in my off hand. Bright enough to see 50ft ahead, and way brighter than shredlights which are purely cosmetic (80 lumens aint shit).

USB Rechargeable Flashlight with 18650 3400mAh Li-ion battery,Nitenumen TP15 CREE XP-L 1000 Lumens Compact Waterproof Flashlight with charging cable and Holster https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BF5JYJ9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_423zBb032D814

image I modded one of these with a couple of Samsung cells and 3d printed enclosure, keep him in my back pocket when ever I go out (been caught out in the dark to many times). I had a lights on my board although the shadows they where casting over bumpy terrain was sketching me out.

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at the end of the video is ride footage… still my main headlight… and still fine tuning 3d prints but way better so far…

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@Static - I have these lights and they are great - survived vibration for well over 6 months. I power them from a 36V/8V converter from main battery pack. A friend made a very nifty Aluminium bracket to mount on truck bolts . They are tucked away under the deck and don’t move ! LandyLandy%20Photo%204%20Landy%20Photo%203%20


Nice. Yes those lights can take a beating. Dual setup must be insanely bright. I’m thinking of slimming down the enclosure about half size and moving the electronics in with the battery box so I can tuck it under the nose.

Would really like to mount the LEDs as headlights in the riser, but I think these get a little hot.

Sorry for the long post, I’m a long time flashaholic (yes there are such things) :slight_smile:

I feel like board mounted lights are really only good for letting others know you’re there. The angle’s all wrong for actually illuminating the road ahead, especially if going 20+mph.

Also, lower color temperature, neutral white or warm white, make the road debris and imperfections pop way better than cool white. High CRI is even better, but the better the quality of light gets, the less lumens you have. Worth it though, to go to at least NW.

I’m finding about 1500lumens NW is about minimum for useful light, at least hand held. 1000 lumens is okay if it’s tightly focused. I use the light for commuting so it can’t be stupid huge.

So far I’ve tried a bunch of handheld lights. Went through a bunch of mid to high end 18650 lights. My EDC is a Zebralight SC63w. Amazing great EDC but at about 1000 lumens with a floody beam, great light in front of the board but can’t look far enough. My Old EDC, an Eagletac D25LC2 tactical, neutral white, was not enough lumens.



Next, tried a tighter beam. The heads need to be big to focus the beam. Tried some random Costco aspheric zoom light, horrible as expected. Tried Eagletac SX30C2 NW with 1x18650. Better, but beam too tight, and a bit dim.


Tried Emisar D1 and D4, good light but too hot hot!

On the recommendation of a flashlight modder, I tried Olight R50. Hello, we’re good! 26650 and a bigger light means it gets hot but we’re not throttling as much. Beam pattern and lumens are almost perfect. The LED is not neutral white but the color is pretty good. It’s hitting the sweet spot in size, capacity, beam and brightness for eskate.


I’m thinking maybe a wrist mount or helmet mount for this thing…

For board mounted, I’ve got the light you guys have shown but the light is so cold and the thing feels so chintzy.

I’ve purchased these, and will try them mounted a bit higher on the board.

(15w version)

(this one has more heatsink and 18w)

The build is much heavier, really beefy, for motorcycles I think. It also has wide voltage input range. Beam pattern is excellent. Color seems reasonable.


Hmm I like that 15w version. How do you plan to power it?

Can just run a line direct from the pack. 15w / 40v = .375a, so maybe 22awg wire and a toggle switch of some sort. Maybe a 3 way switch, as it has a 6w low beam.

It’s a solid chunk of aluminum, nice and heavy.

I have the two led version of that light or at least a similar one. My coil came loose and rattled around and finally broke the wire. I had to solder it and hot glue it in place. It’s working great now. I thought I would mention that since you had it apart.

Like deuesedown, I’m pretty heavily into flashlights and I agree that board mounted lights are primarily good at making you visible, not helping you see long distances. They’re just too close to the ground to really light up your riding surface.

Either handheld or a helmet mounted light will do waaaay better at helping you see. Both is good is you are willing to spend the time/money. Most mountain bike guys do a floody handlebar light plus a more tightly focused helmet light.

I’m looking at picking up a Magicshine MJ900B for helmet mounting. They’re got a good rep in bike circles are being killer quality for the price. I’ve been trying to find a TIR helmet light but they just don’t seem to exist.



Good to hear that other people are having luck with the light I purchased. I think its bright enough. Pretty sure I am going to cut the case in half and separate the electronics so the smaller light portion can fit under the nose for a clean install.

I need a quick solution though since I’m traveling this week and would be great to have. So I opted for 4 of those cheap zoomable flashlights that use 18650s. I think these will work with some rubber clamps attached to the truck bolts for temporary use. I think if I glue down the internals really well it should last. If not it’s little money wasted they’re about $4 each.


Hands down when riding on trails at night I use a secondary handheld light. But out on downtown streets at night I don’t want to be blinding pedestrians and also have my other hand free so I think a good board mounted option is the ultimately the most preferred.

Actually I think what a lot of people want is something seamless and integrated that you don’t really notice. My belief is that lights somehow built into a 0.5" deck riser would be the cleanest install (assuming it could work well). That and remoted controlled headlights+taillights would be my end all.

When you’re around other folks, no doubt. Be polite and leave the photon cannon at home.

I think I just assumed flashlight nerd level of bright when I read “long throw”. Most of the trails by me have no lights at all so I’m planning on bringing out the big guns when I ride at night.

I’d be limited to maybe 12mph without handheld or a headlight… which might not be a terrible thing.

I use a handheld light even on a push board. I’ve run into too many gnarly crazy stuff on the pavement.

COAST HL8R FTW!! Expensive but I’d buy it again the second I had to. Focusing beam, 3 brightness settings, detachable battery (2p 18650) with extension chord. Light for days!! Makes dog poop SO much easier to pick up and not step in lol (primary function for me)

I pulled the trigger one model up, 902 with 1600 lumens (the minimum for my eyes and speed and conditions). Wallet hurts! But it’s tiny and looks well built. TIR looking good.

Gopro chin mount!

And this silly hobby… This lead me to buy a gopro.

That pack is huge, 2s3p 5200mah. I think I’ll build a 2x1p with 30q with enough wire to get to a jacket pocket. Should be plenty.

I hope this thing throws enough. I don’t think I can stomach the price and heat of the next model up.

Thanks for linking. I caught it on one of those ebay 15% sales.

EDIT OMG the phone app is spyware looking and requires login? Pshhhh. I wanted just 1 mode, but not worth all the hassle. Get the non bluetooth version boys.

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I recently discovered small bike lights which clamp on to handle bars fit perfectly around the truck axle. They are small enough to fit without fouling on the tyre. Good distance and cost about $5-10aud each from fleabay.

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