Looking a reliable motor. Experiences welcome

Someone gets it


Exactly what I was meaning with the customized thing. :blush: I go for the Overion because he makes made year ago the kind of improvement we start to see now.
From outside two motors can look the same, and almost at the same price, but inside, it’s another story!

Last year Maytech come to Paris too, since we see some improvement asking, but they still don’t want to make some other things asking … really weird, as it reduces their sell but … but maybe they want to could be able to count on after-sales service ^^

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A gentle nudge turned to push will suffice, it has taken time and having some advocacy from the community but they are coming around. We hope to have some reps and engineers at meets this year to see first hand what we do.


And on that Note,

a pic of the upcoming new batch of 6880 motors, I will be sending this one out to @PatRocks

Notice anything different?


I am not in the market for new motor but ever since I saw it on maytech youtube channel, I felt like this would be THE motor. Completely sealed motor is definitely what’s needed for esk8, in addition to epoxied magnets.


No more adaptors… image


Off topic but @hyperIon1 are you going to have some 130kv motors in?

Damn… do want

I don’t think so, 160kv maybe lowest, I can check to see whats available


That’s the best news I’ve heard today!! Very excited about this @hyperIon1 !!

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I’ll thrown out my experience my tacon 160 lasted a year of hard riding and had no problems until one day the esc started getting over current faults and I had a burnt out winding. Got an sk8 and promptly broke it. Got a new sk8 for free through the hobbyking warranty. I now have problems with the esc overheating that I never did with the tacon so I think it’s the sk8 but it’s been nothing but problems for me. I’ve also got 2 torqueboards 6355 motors that I’ve been running for over a year each (their both on different single drive boards) they don’t need get daily riding but so far those have lasted the best for me.

160 would be perfect!

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160kv would be fantastic :heart:


Can I trade in my motors for some of these new ones?

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I have found racestar 5065 to be really tough considering I have run them under water and regularly in heavy rain commuting for a year and half. Bearings still not rough yet which I don’t get how that is possible? They are also like the cheapest motor on the market.

I did put epoxy on the sensor board and a little on the windings before use though.

5065 is a bit small by today’s standards, unless your a lightweight or a short deck could be good.

Still going! Hoping they can last one more wet season before I upgrade to 63xx size, but not sure which motor yet.



:raising_hand_man: Im a low Kv lover also. It allows you to run a larger motor pulley which makes the pulley and belt last longer. :ok_hand:


Surprised to hear you say that be honest. I had one bad one where the rear bearing disintegrated and destroyed the sensor pcb but hk replaced it and upgraded the bearings in the newer versions. @Eboosted No problems with the 4 I run now. Good very powerful sensored motors. Are a bit large but still fit on a 218 hanger. Nothing beats the sk3 for reliability atm in my opinion. You just have to like sensorless. Things are pretty much bullet proof.
@Blitz you drinking the bong water again?

My dark matter motor bearing exploded You can see on the photo I posted on the photos thread, I would post it here but Im too lazy to get up and turn on my computer to and go get the photo


Mine are still alive and kicking so not all of them are.

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I had this problem with a couple of my Maytech motors. The good thing is that it is not that hard to fix.

I drilled out the screws, opened a new hole and tapped it and then used locktite 648 on the axle as an additional safety measure. I don’t think it is coming loose ever again :wink: