Looking for black calibers 50°

@mmaner made fun of me and now I’m insecure about my pink trucks.

Was thinking of turning this:

to this:

I only need black hangers but I know that’s like buying a single sock. But hey, if anyone had bought two sets of trucks to get different angles then maybe ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

An alternative is spray painting it but I’m no expert at painting so I need some advice on how to get strong adheision


Dude, I was just messing with you. Don’t pay me any attention, run the trucks you want to :grinning:


You broke my heart


yo I like the pink accent dont black it

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2 new black hangers $40 shipped if you want Used the baseplates from them for my tb218

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i have caliber 2s. I dont know if theyre 44 or 50 lmao

Well they’re $40 for a brand new set off amazon

oo thought I paid more lol $30?

the guy is now permanently insecure :rofl:


Might wanna hang out with the chess club and not a bunch of skaters, especially old Ines :grinning:. Naw, I’m just kidding.

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Can I get a picture of them?

Apparently you can buy just a single Caliber truck from MuirSkate or two Calibers of different angles. :slight_smile:

I would know, cos I bought one 45 and one 50 from them.:rofl:

I’ll make an admission. One time my parents surprised me with an awesome purple(ish) bike for my birthday( my dad is actually colorblind) and i was afraid of being ridiculed and returned it for a blue bike. I’m not proud of that and nowadays I’d rock a rainbow deck with pink unicorns all over it. Haha how we age and realize nobody gives a fuck


I can snap a pic tomorrow, they’re brand spankin new, took em off the baseplates and put em back in the box

Thanks for all the support guys, ya’ll really lift my spirit.

@ATLesk8 very inspirational story, I feel like I’ve come to embrace the pink. @scepterr I might just stay with the pink and save the money up for a tsg pass.


I’ve spray painted my trucks black. It’s pretty easy. Wipe down with isopropyl alcohol and then hang them on strings and use sweeping motion back and forth to paint them. It’s pretty hard to mess up tbh.

I have the technique for spray painting down, just not educated enough on how to use the hundreds of different kinds of primers and such to get a durable finish

I just regularly change the colors of my trucks and enclosures because i get creative and bored

I just used a spray paint + primer and it’s held up for 6 months