Looking for critiques and help with my first E-Skate Build

I’ve been browsing for a while (finally just made an account), and I think I’m ready to go ahead and purchase my parts list, but I’d like some constructive criticism first and maybe some advice on getting better / cheaper parts. Here is my current list (Amazon): https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/J42XUK9E9PT3?ref_=wl_share

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: updated amazon list and added HobbyKing part link EDIT 2: updated parts lists/links EDIT 3: Moved HobbyKing part to amazon list (part was on backorder on HK)

First of all join the esk8news forum. Second forget about the external lipo charger and get a BMS for on board charging. Get an antispark loop key from Hobbyking instead of that toggle switch and if you have the $$ get propper wheels, those are most likely hard af.


Yes, forum if you want the experts to chime in and in addition to the above good comments you don’t want a single 245kv motor setup. Won’t be enough torque.

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Do you think that the method detailed here would work for bms charging? (I’ve updated the parts to reflect this)

I weigh about 170 lbs. Do you think that a 149 kv motor would be a better solution? (I’ve updated the parts to reflect this)

Yes and no. Get a 6s BMS and a 6s brick charger, that’s all you need. At a later stage you can always upgrade to 12s using a 12s compatible bms and 12s charger. I run 12s lipos on a Bestech d140 bms, which does charging only.

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So to clarify, the “yes and no” was in response to the bms charging, right? I updated the amazon list with a 6s bms and 6s charger. Do you think those would be adequate? Also, do you think that the change in motor from 245kv to 149kv will provide sufficient torque for my body weight (around 170 lbs.)?

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You can dial the speed down with gain in torque using adequate gearing. However, I’d suggest to go for a KV number that would be VESC compatible at 10s or 12s if you ever wanna increase your boards performance.

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From what I’ve seen on the forums here, it looks like as long as you stay below 6800 rpm it’s all good. So at 12s, the maximum would be a 153kv motor, so 149kv will work just fine, right?

Just curious if you could expand on the difference between esk8 builders and esk8 news? I’m about to post a first build thread and want to do it in the right place.

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Well, full disclosure: I am one of the admins on forum, so I’m biased. But I can tell you that our forum is thriving and growing, while this one is fading and goes offline for 8 hours at a time each month.

General concensus is that this site will disappear for good soon, taking down your build thread along with many others.

No hate or malice, just supportable facts.

Ok, Cool. I just stumbled onto both sites in the past few days and somehow I got the impression that this one was bigger. And was also confused why they both seemed so similar and what the story was. Now I know. Thanks!


Historically, this one is bigger, and by a lot. But it’s kind of like the formerly hot place everyone used to go to, and now it’s a few stragglers at the bar. While the forum strip joint across town is packed to the rafters every night, and the Dazzling Dareno is taking to the stage.


Thanks for all the help! I’m thinking about ordering the updated parts list tomorrow after work. (Btw, I’m having a little trouble signing into the forum. site [I sign in, but it just refreshes the page and I’m never logged in])

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What name did you use at ? Rossy there as well?

Found you and bumped your account one level. Let me know if that helps you log on.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s helping. I’m able to log on from my phone (on firefox), but not through this computer (I’m at work using Edge, I’ll try on my pc when I get home using Firefox).

Just successfully logged in through a portable firefox installation on the work computer. It might just be a weird microsoft edge thing.

Ill look for your thread over on the other site

THough I would like to point out that the 6Ah battery will take 6 Hours to charge with that 1A charger you have picked

Have you looked into direct drive motors? They are beer silent because the stator slides right on the truck arm (not in the wheel, but just next to it ) this way, the belt/s, gear/s, bracket/s, cover/s, ect… aren’t even needed, only a prong that bolts onto the rotor and slides through the spokes of your abec 11 old school type non-motorized wheels (for a smoother riding experience rather than the hub motor’s harsh metal “rim”). Air tires offer a superiorly smoothest ride on any surface, as the air pressure substitutes all the extra solid mass needed to efficiently support weight. Softer solid type wheels are for a smoother ride, at the cost of more drag. 100% latex tires used in mobility scooters (look grey inside and out for indoor use, they don’t leave black, unsightly skid marks. Last thousands of miles longer than black (normal) tires and are super puncture resistant. Try to use these without tubes, as tubes create about 10% to 15% drag (depending on how thick they are). Good luck on your build.
P.S.: Ask someone to donate parts or money if you don’t mind asking. Just be sure you need it before asking.