Looking for FOC settings for smooth start-up/braking

Just got my board running today, and after being dissapointed with BDLC on startup I switched to FOC. I can get a decent start up on flat ground but I am looking for a little more power so I can start on hills and more smoothly on flat ground.

I have a VESC-X from Enertion and I am running a 6S pack with a Tacon Bigfoot 110 motor. If anyone has suggestions or experience im open to try them! Below are my current settings and the board.

Also huge shoutout to everyone on this forum, theres no way this board would be running without yall. Ride on!!

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First off, I know nothing about the setting so I can’t help you there but dang thats a long belt lol. Why such a long belt? And do you have any more pics about the mount? It looks interesting :slight_smile:.


small high kv motor, and low 6s voltage, all the things you don’t want for smooth startup and torque. :joy:

but good luck…

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I had the long belt because of the way my trucks were set up. The Enertion 55 tooth belt was too short and the motor wouldn’t fit, so I had to guesstimate and went with an 80 tooth just to be safe, I could probably work with a 65 tooth, but I had to get it done because its a semester project for school. As for the mount, its nothing fancy just some angle iron and a U bolt. Ill probably upgrade to a machined mount in the future.

Ahh I see, good work!

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Those trucks a perfect for rear mounting motors, outwards. Shorters belt anf more stable mounting points.

I guess you are runing sensorless, try runing hybrid mode on BLDC is pretty good, nos as good as sensored FOC, but with more power

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That mount is your issue buy new trucks and a new mount and ur belt is wayyyyy too lomg

Ahh I didn’t even think of doing that, Ill give it a shot! Also Ill try the BDLC hybrid and just up the boost factor and see how that fares

Did you wire the hall sensors?, you need to do tha before attempting to try hybrid mode

Motoramps.com http://motoramps.com This site was made to explain the math details by Devin who I think might be the sole person booted/banned from the forum! Motor and battery amp settings are the way to control your power and at what speed you have access to it. You are far from the power you could have and smoothness with that esc on foc with good settings for low speed power

Nope, I honestly don’t know if it has hall sensors, is that a position sensor?

Looking at the site, some of the equations he gives are circular, how do you find duty cycle %? He definitely sounds like he knows what he’s doing but i’m a tad lost there.

Yup haha. whats ur motor resistance? U can get it off your plugged in vesc doing the tests. Give me that and whats your desired wattage when pulling full throttle power and He could give u the numbers that will do that

No wonder you get disappointed with BLDC startup mode. You have 0.070 startup boost. If I am not mistaken, it should have been 0.70. If you have 0.070 that means your outputting 10x less what you should be getting lol.

Heres my resistance R: 0.01196 Ω and as for watts, I can pull 22 volts but I don’t want to kill the battery every time I hit the gas (5000mAh pack). What would you suggest? maybe 300 watts? Sorry I don’t know my stuff super well, just trying to keep up with the learning curve.

That only applies to BDLC correct? Im currently running it in FOC

What battery pack is it or what’s the c rating.

its a 6s, Ill probably make it 8 soon but uhh college budget here :confounded:

What’s the c rating of the 6s 5ah battery

Oh! sorry, they’re 20C