Looking for used parts in the US

You can’t be talking. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

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Love it when someone tries something and forgets I don’t care, nor forget.

Man this fourm kinda makes it difficult to tell who is speaking to who. On other sites I’ve been to, when you hit reply to someone’s comment it will say that person’s name at the beginning of your reply. But here it’s just a message or reply and you don’t have a clue who it’s directed at. Wth is that all about? Very confusing! I can see this leading to a lot of pillow fights and panties tightly wedged up in this place .

The only thing I’m certain of is A this post has gotten waaayyyy off topic. B. There is wayyyy tooooo much self projecting going on here. I’m new here and there is only 3 people that I have chatted with and they would only have an inkling of a clue what I’m all about. And Leon you are not one of them. So all of the heat your throwing my way is nothing but self projections bud. You really should watch that kind of thing cause all your (subconscious) is doing is exposing way too much of yourself to everyone else to pick up on. Sooooooo … Ya might wanna take a look at that.
Between getting posts a little mixed up and the confusion of who is speaking to who or about who , I made a simple mistake and suddenly panties are getting bunched up and jammed places they were never meant to be. I don’t think🤔 anything I said was disrespectful to anyone here . Wasn’t my intention anyway😇. Like I said, I was referring to MY situation. So I am not responsible for you getting butthurt bud. Honestly, that’s your problem. Your the one responsible for that. And I assume your old enough to be considered a grown man so the only thing I’m tripping on (very little actually) is that your old enough that I really shouldn’t feel the need or have to explain these basic life lessons/things to you. First impressions aren’t very good thus far Leon. But hey, I don’t have any resentments towards you at all. I happen to find people’s self projections entertaining and educational or maybe enlightening might be a better word. If I have any more advice for you going forward I most likely won’t be sharing it with you. I’m assuming you don’t handle it well. So the chance for any appreciation is about zero. But that’s okay. I’m good and don’t really need it anyway

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Fixed this for you. It’s no where self projecting. Matter of fact, I actually find this kind of thinking retarded. It seems like people has to use this as their own reasoning for copium. It’s actually a dumb logic.

You get notified if you’re mentioned.

I’m an open book. However, you’re not even reading the pages, nor actually reading the book at all. I get that this is probably your way to cope. But let me give you an advice:

“If you assume something, know that it’s never true”.

You only hurted yourself.

You should actually learn a thing from this. All I got from you is self projection. You’re not hitting any marks with this response at this point.

Ironic coming from you. But its all good. This is your way to cope after all.

Cap. This failure of a response proves this.

Same here. You’re doing a good job.

“If you assume something, know that it’s never true”.

Remember this for the rest of your life.

All good. But at least I helped you out. If you’re going to assume. Rememeber what I said. Know someone first. Then make your judgement.

I’ve learned that after dealing with over 300 teenagers and learning to never take all that was said seriously. :upside_down_face:

As stated in my earlier reply, if what I said came off as offensive, I do apologize for it. My words are a curse. And no. You are 100% off in this response. Self projections is such a bad thing to use due to the fact you have to assume a person’s personality, when in reality, they actually are completely different than their internet counterparts. I learned this after meeting ao many people others assumed they were “racist”, when in reality, they’re pretty funny people.

It does do that.

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Blah blah blah you think I’m going to waste my time reading all that garbage LOL you’re a weirdo bro I’m going to leave it at that

If you’re in the area you could always come meet me in person

One more time for the record I read like the first sentence or two of this and that’s about it I’m not going to read all this garbage but I hope you’re not an example of the average user of this forum

What is this Leon guy’s problem,? is everybody like this here? God I hope not. If you haven’t bothered to read this garbage I don’t blame you and I’m not going to ask you to read it cuz it’s I’m not even reading most of it it’s ridiculous I don’t know what his trip is but he needs to f****** back up a little bit take a chill pill or five I don’t know I don’t know what his issues are but I don’t want to deal with it or him

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No, I didn’t even read it.

Leon is better off if you put him on your ignored users list. He’s only here because it’s the only platform that isn’t censored. Any other platform he gets suspended or banned from. Just ignore him.

Don’t feed the trolls.

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I’m in NYC. Come over :grinning:

We can talk about your panties. And by the way, it didn’t take me long to actually read yours. If you’re trying to start a fight with me, I’ll give you 3 strikes according to turning the other cheek. I hope you don’t try to do a third strike.

Lol I’m the weirdo?

Believe what you like, but I’ll say this:

Don’t talk crap if you can’t keep up.

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Are you trying to cover for your lack of reading comprehension by trying to pick on Leon? That just looks bad.

Are you going to call me names now or man up and admit to your mistake?

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Btw, you’re talking to a guy who believed a liar. Have fun.

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Because you dont want to admit you were wrong? All I said was @JustSomeGuy only posted once and hasnt been back since.

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I think he’s self projecting. Ain’t no way. But he did took my “I don’t recall asking” line as rude. I don’t blame him. I blame the trolls in my chat room lol.

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Not 100% true. But I do go overboard with words. It’s fun.

Im still on twitter, FB, iG, discord, yt, and other platforms.

I did read it and I dont think Leon is in the wrong here. We were talking about @JustSomeGuy only visiting here once and @Imheadstrong wrongly assumed we were talking about him.

As for being banned from certain social media platforms, that is a badge of honour. They dont respect our 1st Amendment rights and those sites should be shunned. Its that very same censorship that has allowed the far left psychos to spread like cancer. I dont care where you are on the political spectrum as long as you’re a halfway decent person. Btw the far right has its own problems too but I dont see them rioting, looting and burning down 275 cities when they dont get their way.

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B264 is a cool guy. I just wish he used his knowledge more and realized that the guy he believed was a SJW lib keyboard warrior who would actually lie and take parts of what someone says just to get their way when they know they are never gonna win an argument.

All he says is that “you hurt his feelings”. L, As if facts is gonna care.

I don’t care if he calls me troll. I’ll admit that I was indeed trolling after they believed the liar.

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Fun fact. I got banned once from Imgur for saying “he looks like a democrat.” Getting banned from any left leaning website is meaningless.

Remember when twitter banned TheBabylonBee? Good times.

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Freak twitter. Mr crap reminds me of it and I really hate him for it. Guaranteed he would be like “you only hate me because you hate gays”.

No reject… it’s because you say the dumbest crap and then try to play the “gotcha” game to get someone banned.

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Yeah twitler sucks ass. I hope Elon Musk is just playing the long game with them and does end up buying that festering cesspit at a reduced price excluding all the bots. It just ends up being a lefty echo chamber.

And anyone who thinks Sunday school dad humour is offensive, they probably need therapy.

Putin charizard

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