Looking for used parts in the US

Tap your avatar in the top right, it’s in there.

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just say you’re thirteen years old

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Blah blah blah!!! Wow!! Your still here crying! Acting like such the victim. You poor boy! God , get over it and get over yourself. 100% it’s funny how you can and do dish it out but you can’t take any of it back. Yeah, what a child!!!

It’s funny how you do this shit all the time to others ( from what I’m told your an accomplished troll and revel in it) but as soon as the heat is on and coming back in your direction you fall apart and start crying. With all the people I’m told you harassed I’m sure there’s just about nobody here that feels sorry for your ass right about now. You don’t like it very much do you? You obviously can’t handle it so you must not but you sure like to do it to other people. Maybe you should take a look at that cry baby.

Done! Thank you. I just thought I would give him his own medicine first. He certainly didn’t like taking what he dishes out.

So tell me how did you get so many boards for review ( the ones your selling) . Do you have a youtube channel? If so I’m sure I have probably seen your videos. I don’t watch tv but 40-50 gigs of data a month isn’t abnormal. Most being youtube.

Lol victim? You’re here over exaggerating over a simple “asking” joke. Stay being a pansy. Also, you can’t even do what I do right… so I dont get the whole “taste of his own medicine” when:

A) I can rebuttal and read better than you.

And B) I don’t ignore like you.

Am I missing something? Because I’m not the one over typing nonsense trying to play mr strong… guaranteed you gotta be 13 or something… because ain’t no way you’re above 20.

But at least now I won’t get emailed by a pansy who can’t read right and type over 100 poorly blocked profanities in my email while I’m cooking seafood.

Victory is sweet.

You can say I succeeded in trolling you as well lol. And also, I can’t take the heat, but you are the one blocking me? Make that make sense…


This makes no sense btw. How am I able to prove that I can and do something but can’t take it? Didn’t you say I’m just a “keyboard warrior”? So not only I proved you wrong, I did it twice without even trying. I can take the heat just fine, but as you can see from my reported message, they can’t. And neither can you. And trust me, this is literally just scratching the surface of what I actually can do.

Im curious in what they actually told you tbh. Guaranteed it’s probably lies. Or that I was trolling stupid posts they had. Either one would be right lol

Thank you. I was just thinking that.

Aww they blocked my factual statement lol

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Aww. Was just reading all the arguments you’ve had over multiple forums with multiple people. You really are a piece of shit. What are the odds of all the people that don’t like your ass being wrong about you and you being right? SLIM TO NONE! YOU’RE ALWAYS THE COMMON DENOMINATOR. And all these arguments I’ve seen you being involved in you’re always the instigator. THIS IS WHY you’ve been f****** kicked out of just about every forum there. And this is the last place you have to even go. You learn nothing from any of that. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results it’s got your f****** picture right next to the definition. And this is because you’re still being a dick in general. So stop being such a dick dick. What a f****** moron.

Cap. One forum with the same group. Even the reddit has the same group. Next…

Very high when you get a sjw/libtard/keyboard warrior lying about you. And then you gotta deal with the nonsense that was spewed because it was unnecessary, and then finally, telling you that definitions never changes when there was proof that it does and did. And then lets go with the fact I was 2 amps off the danger zone and somehow its my fault when a quick google search helps.

Oh and my personal favorite where apparently I said yes to some series/parallel failure where I didn’t trust my judgement and said ill let someone else answer it because I can’t say yes.

Hmm… I think I got my memory checked out.

That’s another cap. I don’t recall saying “that’s not very Christian of you…” and was only attacked because of my beliefs. So that’s another lie.

I only got kicked out of 1… Did I get kicked off everywhere else??

Heard that already. But spoiler alert:

I’m rarely on here. But please do go on. You’re killing it with these lies my guy.

Well that’s another cap. I learned just who people are and how easy they can be manipulated. You’re a good example as well as them.

Nope. It’s this:

“The state of being seriously mentally ill”. Sounds familiar to a group I know…

Lol, read who kept typing like a 13 year old, and then report back to me soldier. If you think you’re right with their lies, then I feel sorry for you.

So I’ll ask you, do you want the whole truth, or stick with the lies? Your choice.

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I’m not reading ng this .lol

Believe me, we know…

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Believing many lies until a glimmer of truth comes to set you free is not the smartest move. If that’s all, good. Believe what you like. But you are very obsessed with me.

Well this “platform” is going to shit… instantly logs out


What’s up joker

i have a bunch of forged front trucks, motor mounts, 80mm and 85mm wheels available