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Looking to PURCHASE a great E-Board

I have about 900$ to use and I’m looking for someone to either show me or make me an electric skateboard that has a max speed of at least 18mph and a range of at least 10 miles.

Aesthetically I’m looking for a longboard design or at least a design like the “raptor” e-board. I would get the Yuneec ego but it’s so slow it can. Arely climb a hill, I might as well jog to where ever I’m going. Please help!

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What about something on a deck like this? I can build you a single motor drive on this deck for $900. It WILL take you 10 miles at 18mph and probably further going faster. Just to be sure I’ll test it myself and verify it before shipping.

Here’s a shot of the underside of the deck i make with a pair of motors on it. You can see how i run the wires in this pic:

Here’s the whole deck in red:

and here’s a shot of a natural finish with urethane on it:

the deck 40" long with a ~26" wheelbase.

I can totally do a single motor drive system on this deck for $900 and have it shipped within 4 weeks. We’re going to have some busy holidays and we’re going out of town and stuff, but I have all of the parts in my shop right now to build it and i’m dying to make a sale on a complete.

I just hope you don’t mind your build being the photo model for the rest of the single drive builds i put out.


@longhairedboy love the clean design you conjured up routing the wires through the deck with quick connectors.

I don’t understand how you route the wires when they arrive on the top of the deck …
You have those connectors protruding out out the deck … do you cut it ?
How do you bend the cables to run flat on the top ??

[EDIT] : I just found a picture on instagram of the channels you make on the top surface of the deck.
Very nice. I guess you need cable that is highly flexible to allow for such a tight bending !

If you want to climb hills i suggest saving a little more money and getting a dual drive.

Look at some of the build threads they usually list the price and equipment used. Find one you like and mimic them.

Dual drive will run you about $1300 if I do it on this build. Its that much more because its essentially 2 of everything but not really that much more labor.

This is how i do it. I route out the top side and run the wires, then fill it in with epoxy and grip over it. I usually paint over the resin in an interesting design (like a widow’s hourglass or something) and then use clear grip tape.

but in the video at the top you can see the hardened and sanded resin before any stain or urethane is applied.

Actually no, i use much less flexible, stiffly insulated stranded 10awg wire for this. It needs to stay bent when i bend it so that it will stay in place during the soldering and won’t droop upwards when i fill the channel with resin.

This is the same exact technique i developed and tested on my Red Baroness build which is still riding around quite fast despite only having one motor at the moment. I’m still waiting on a replacement from @torqueboards, but that’s totally off topic.

The biggest advantage to this technique (besides killer aesthetics) is that it allows me to unbolt the rear truck and unplug the wires before shipping for better packing. If you can bolt on a truck, you can bolt on a truck and plug in 3 or 6 wires.


@BrooklynRider I build sick ass rigs and the price i’m offering is a huge discount over my regular labor fees. You won’t regret this, i promise.

I can vouch on the quality of @longhairedboy’s decks: I got one of the first ones :smile:

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Thanks for the great explanation lonhairedboy.

Akira - another longhairedguy

Hey! So if I were to order one how fats will it come? Within the 4 weeks or will you be able to give me a more accurate date later on? I’m extremely interested in it but I do need a dual motor one, how much more would a dual motor model run me?

I can do dual drive for $1300. The reason its so much more is because it requires twice the parts. But as you can see, i’ve already got two motors on the trucks.

I have all the parts for it on my bench right now, except for the box and motor controllers. I’m beginning work fabbing the box tonight, and the motor controllers were shipped to me a couple days ago. I’ll probably have it assembled and in testing within 8-10 days or so if you were to place the order right now. We’re going out of town the week after xmas, leaving xmas day but its only for a few days. Unless there is some kind of issue with a part, i can have it in the mail the first week of january. If you figure a week at most for shipping, you’ll have it in about 4 weeks.

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