Los Angeles builders, go in on a spot welder?

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would anyone in the LA area be interested in going in on a spot welder? the sunkko 788h can be had for like $150 now.

i would just get it outright but it would be sitting around unused about 99% of the time.

we could work out details on who, when, how.


I already have a sunkco 709A if youd like to use it you can. Im in Rancho Cucamonga.t


Can u do .15 on that

not sure what this means. wat?

Nickel .15

.15mm thickness. I got one recently on ebay and it should be able to do .1-.2mm thickness

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says it’s spec’d for 0.1 - 0.2mm

I think that’s essentially the same mine, but $20 more

I’ve got the 709a

I have a spot welder, any of you guys wanna just borrow it?


The 709A I have is good for .15.mm nickel

PMd you buddy

What settings (sorry if I’m ruining this thread) I’m in Irvine tho and ur welcome to use mine

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Im no expert on using it but I use the 8 pulse setting and set current to the max of 8 as well.

Hmm alright I was close thanks

What voltage do you use? I’m about to start using mine, but I’ve never spot welded before

I don’t think the voltage on my unit is adjustable. It only has variable current, # of pulses and welding pressure.

I got a tip for anyone using these spot welders. If using on 120volts, go easy on how fast you tack those welds to the cells. These have been known to have either a blown circuit board trace. or blow triac.

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Glad to see forum members willing to share their spot welders. Will definitely take someone up on that offer when the time comes